Finding ‘The One’

How do you know when you’ve found ‘The One’? Readers, you haven’t mistakenly visited a dating site. ‘The One’ I’m referring to, is an illustrator. That wonderfully, talented creator, ready and willing to marry your words with faithful, kind and nurturing artistry. Imagery that makes your text sing, shout, giggle and shows more of your READ MORE

The Journey Begins

Following several rides on The Giant Drop, I took a rather giddy step back. It felt as though the manuscripts I’d submitted were starting to turn on me. ‘Oh, you think we’re so good. You think you’ll be turning publishers away with all the attention we’ll bring. You think your books will be up in READ MORE

The Giant Drop

Many times, I’ve been told the writing game is an emotional roller coaster ride. Ups, downs, hill climbs, racing downhill, loop-the-loops… From my experiences, I’m more inclined to match it to The Giant Drop; one of Dreamworld’s ‘Big 9 Thrill Rides’, particularly the vulnerability of submitting manuscripts to publishers. Note: If The Giant Drop is unfamiliar READ MORE

A Happy Place

What brought you to writing? Has it been a life-long dream to see your stories in print? Is it a fresh career change? A creative path you’ve been encouraged to follow? Since a young age, I’ve had the desire to create. From stories to songs, poems to plays, writing was my escape; my ‘happy place’. READ MORE