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We’re delighted to welcome back clever and passionate author, audiologist and mum, Prasha Sooful, celebrating her newest amazing book for little ones, Counting to Calm: My First Self-Regulation Book. But first, let’s acknowledge her previous title, My Brain is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration, which was recently announced Honour Book in the SCWBI Crystal Kite Awards! Congratulations!

Counting to Calm, a board book for the early years age group, focuses on ten practical steps, from one to ten, to regulating emotions, centring oneself in a calm and mindful manner, and repositioning energy in positive ways. Written in charming rhyming couplets to appeal to young listeners, paired with adorable bright and colourful illustrations by Betania Zacaria, this book is the perfect rejuvenation for the soul.

Thanks so much, Prasha, for your beautiful, calming presence here today! 🙂

About the Author

Prasha Sooful is a mum, audiologist and educator; her picture book My Brain is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration, was published in April 2023 by Soaring Kite Books and highlights sensory processing disorder. Her newly released board book also with Soaring Kite, Countdown to Calm introduces concepts of self-regulation to young readers.

Prasha is a member of the NT Writers’ Centre and a recipient of the Varuna ArtsNT writing fellowship in 2022.

Please find Prasha Sooful on Instagram @little_ms_read.

About the Illustrator

Betania Zacarias is an Argentinian illustrator and graphic designer based in Barcelona.

Her portfolio includes children’s books, toys, games, and educational materials, which have been published in more than 10 countries.

She has worked with renowned clients such as Highlights For Children, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Lito, Grupo SM, Santillana, Nathan, LionTree Publishing, Diset, Fondo de Cultura EconĂłmica, Barefoot Books, Kalandraka, Jumbo Games, Kalimat, amongst others.

Her illustrations, infused with life, tenderness, and vibrant colours, have garnered recognition and awards from prestigious events including the Bologna Children’s Bookfair, Biennial Bratislava, and Sharjah International Book Fair.

Please find Betania Zacarias at her website: Bethany Zechariah (betaniazacarias.com) and on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Counting to Calm: My First Self-Regulation Book can be purchased via the Soaring Kite Books website | Amazon.

Congratulations on your new release, Prasha! Please tell us a bit about Counting to Calm.

It is a rhyming and counting book aimed at young readers on how to self-regulate using techniques like breathing and stretching.

What is your favourite part of this book?

My favourite part of this book are the easy steps to empower children to take control of their emotions and behaviour through simple yet effective techniques.

Where did the inspiration for Counting to Calm come from?

The inspiration came from my daughter and our experience. It was a desire to provide her with tools for self-regulation at an early age, recognising the importance of these skills for her overall well-being and success. So that by the time she went to school if at any time she felt dysregulated she would know how to manage this.

What do you hope young readers will gain from this book?

Its message would resonate with readers because it empowers children to manage their emotions and behaviours, setting them up for success in in classrooms and in their learning. It addresses an essential aspect of child development—self-regulation—in a fun and accessible way.

The illustrations by your illustrator, Betania Zacarias, are super cute, bright and inviting. What do you love about the work she has done with Counting to Calm?

I love the illustrations and cover design done by Betania. They convey the feeling of energy and movement, which aligns well with the book’s theme of self-regulation through physical activities. The vibrant colours and engaging characters capture the attention of young readers.

How have you promoted this book and how can we find it?

I have used various channels such as social media, and also some upcoming author talks at my local school to promote the book. You can find the book through Amazon Australia, Booktopia, other online retailers, and you can also ask your local library to get a copy.

Are there any particular experiences you’ve had with this book that you’d like to share?

One experience worth sharing is the joy of seeing children engage with the book and learn these important self-regulation techniques. Witnessing their enthusiasm and understanding reinforces the significance of the book’s message.

Thanks so much, Prasha, for sharing your insights and tips for a calming, valuable reading and mindful experience! 🙂

Join in this mindful journey with Prasha Sooful and her refreshing board book, Counting to Calm, empowering readers across the blogosphere!

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