#BookReview: The Adamson Adventures Book 4: Tracks in the Mist, Sandra Bennett (author), Rosella Ridge Books, June 2024.


Deep in the wilderness there’s much more to discover than ever anticipated.


In an exciting finale, passionate author and researcher, Sandra Bennett takes her Adamson siblings on their fourth adventure; this time in the Southern Tasmanian wilderness amidst the most fascinating wildlife – to say the least! Here you’ll find a mix of native Australian animals – with some of them from the present, and some from the past! Middle grade readers will be gripped with their sturdiest hiking boots in this mysterious, intrepid mission to save more than one beloved creature.

When Zac, Clare and Luke learn that their much-loved (prehistoric!) pet, Zoe the Demon Duck of Doom is missing from Uncle Tom’s farm, and may have been sighted in Tasmania, it’s without question that these wildlife warriors are on the case to journey into this dangerous forest area. Not only are they up against some wild terrain, but they also face the challenge of university researchers and some angry poachers, all in the search for unique creatures to capture.

With some truly amazing discoveries along the way, including an incredible appearance from the elusive (and supposedly extinct!) Thylacine aka Tasmanian Tiger, this heart-stopping adventure also raises important concepts in environmental care, conservation and historical implications. Sandra Bennett has included some brilliant sketches alongside animal facts, a map and a table of the different geological periods to peruse and discuss after reading.

Captivating and perilous, with clever twists, turns and humour thrown in, too, Tracks in the Mist is a suspenseful yet thoughtful book that is sure to encourage future wildlife heroes. A highly recommended read to add to your Adamson Adventures collection.

Review by Romi Sharp.

Sandra Bennett can be found at her website: Sandra Bennett (sandrabennettauthor.com)

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Tracks in the Mist and the other books in the Adamson Adventures can be purchased via Rosella Ridge Books at Sandra’s website.


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