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Kylie Mort Multi Award-Winning Author and App Developer
Kylie Mort Multi Award-Winning Author and App Developer
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Kylie Mort is many things, but she is a wordsmith at heart. Through a traumatic and abusive childhood, books were her refuge. Later, as an introverted and ostracised adolescent, the adult praise she got when she wrote about texts at school was a lifeline to cling to. And she needed a lifeline, nearly losing her life twice between the ages of 10-16! Books were her doorway to a new world, both in the now and the future.

Now an International Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author with Multi-Award-Winning publications, she is also an App Developer with a FREE APP, available on Google Play and The Apple App Store, that supports essay and narrative writing, self-reflection journaling and project management for students in targeted Question and Answer templates. “How to Write with Kylie Mort” guides students one sentence at a time through a step-by-step process that concludes with a complete and easily downloaded full essay! More information about this resource can be found at app.kyliemort.com.au

Due to her educational background as a qualified and registered secondary school teacher, Kylie’s main day-to-day activity is holistic coaching online. However, her private clients receive the additional benefits of an educational tutor qualified in performance coaching, NLP, CBT, and Erikson Hypnosis. She uses her wide and varied resources to best connect with individual learners and holistically guide them through their individual challenges toward their ultimate unique successes.

Kylie is an avid life-longer learner, who enjoys educating on mind/body connections and pathways, drawing from her experience as a qualified and registered yoga teacher, continuing her studies in her 500hr training in yoga history and philosophy. Kylie is also a student of Psychology at Deakin University and an apprentice diesel mechanic studying at the Kangan Institute in Docklands, Melbourne!

Kylie’s vocation is helping to develop strong, resilient, unique individuals who know their worth, challenge their weaknesses, build their strengths and trust that they are #importantspecialsafeandloved.

Her guaranteed commitment is to provide all who read her publications and work within her programs the inner strength, knowledge, and empowerment to live their best lives.

Kylie likes to connect to the world from her farm in North-East Victoria, Australia.

Instagram: @kyliemort22

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