Sharon Giltrow

Sharon Giltrow Author Educator Presenter
Sharon Giltrow Author Educator Presenter
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Sharon Giltrow is an Authorcator; an Author Educator. She has been a teacher of children who are hearing impaired and Deaf-Blind. She now teaches young children with Developmental Language Disorder. Sharon is an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker with a passion for developing children’s oral, visual, written, creativity and literacy. She has experience presenting to children from zero- to ten-year-olds. Through Sharon’s author talks students, inspired by a real-life author, will discover the joy of literacy and unlock their hidden creativity.

Sharon’s hilariously acclaimed debut picture book ‘Bedtime, Daddy!’ was released in May 2020. Her follow up picture books ‘Get Ready, Mama’ and ‘Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma!‘ will be released in 2022. Also, in 2022 Sharon’s early middle grade book ‘Samara Rubin and the Utility Belt’ will be released.