Sophie Makes New Friends

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Author: Kerry Malone

Illustrator: Meaghan Thomson

Publisher: Kerry Malone Books

Genre: Chapter Book

Age Range: 6 – 9 years

ISBN: 9780646988672

It’s Sophie’s first day at her new big city school. Without her old friends, who will sit with her at recess? Will she make new friends?
She eventually finds the courage to say hello to Phoebe. Will Phoebe convince Sophie to join the skipping team?

Author: Kerry Malone
Illustrator: Meaghan Thomson
Publisher: Kerry Malone Books
Date Published: 27th October 2018
Genre: Chapter Book
Age range: 6 - 9
ISBN: 9780646988672
Subject: Friendship, family, new school, fitting in
Pages: 80
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 198 x 128mm
RRP: $12.00
Postage: $4.00

Kerry Malone is a Canberra-based children’s author. Her picture book You can do it Joey! was released in 2015 and her new chapter book, Sophie Makes New Friends is now available.

She has been involved in various literary events including the Goulburn Reader Writer Festival. She has spoken at ACT Branch events of the Children’s Book Council of Australia and Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Sophie’s stories were inspired by some of Kerry’s experiences. She first started wearing glasses when she was five years old and her glasses weren’t as cool as Sophie’s. Without her glasses Kerry couldn’t see much and spent a lot of time lost at the beach.

Kerry writes her books in libraries and cafes. Her favourite cafes are the ones which sell doughnuts.

Kerry is happy to visit schools, libraries and community organisations to share her story and the inspiration behind her books and her indie publishing adventure.

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