Jasper’s Jumbled Up Words                             $19.95 PB + postage


Author: Marg J Gibbs

Illustrator: Emma Stuart

Publisher: M J Gibbs

Genre: Picture Book

Age Range: 2 – 6 years

ISBN: 987 0 64866 38 7 4




A gentle and sensitive new picture book encourages self-confidence, language development and family relationships. “Jasper’s Jumbled up Words,” written by M J Gibbs and illustrated by Emma Stuart shows that a young boy longs to be understood.

'I hope this book encourages positive experiences in communication from birth to school age. Gestures, sounds, new words and fluency can develop at a child’s own level.'

The use of onomatopeia enlivens the story of Jasper.

PRAISE for Jasper’s Jumbled up Words.
“A delightful and gentle book to illustrate persistence to toddlers and preschoolers.” Helen Christie, Designer.

Processing words encourages thinking and problem solving, and helps a young child to develop relationships. It is the basis for learning to read and write which underpins so many other skills. (Mother of twins)

The message that we need to listen, learn and share respectfully, ask questions of a young child is important in good communication. Jasper’s story is heartfelt and sensitive. (Grandparent)

Title: Jasper's Jumbled Up Words
Author: Marg J Gibbs
Illustrator: Emma Stuart
Genre: Picture book
Subject: Family relationships, Speech and Language Development
Reading Age: 2 - 6
ISBN: 987 0 64866 38 7 4
Publisher: M J Gibbs
Date Published: July 2020
Pages: 32pp
Format: Soft cover
Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm
RRP: $19.95
Postage: $5.50 within Australia

Marg Gibbs is a poet, blogger and author who lives in Mapleton in the Blackall Ranges, Queensland. She loves to tell stories and connect with young people. Her second picture book, ‘Jasper’s Jumbled up Words’ explores speech development and learning in a young child’s family. Watch out for Marg’s adult book called Conversations with Strangers – The Art of Creativity and Connection due for release next month. In the evening, Marg and her husband enjoy watching the sunsets and black cockatoos that swoop across the horizon.

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