Choosing accounts software

One of the easiest ways to keep track of your income and expenses is to have some accounts software to enter it in. There is a huge variety of software out there, so how do you choose? Before you look for software, consider some of the following questions: Do you want software locally (on your computer) or READ MORE

Keeping track of your income

Keeping track of your income can be a challenge for authors, however it is important so we can declare any income at tax time. We can receive income from a number of sources including: Sales of books – this can be sales directly from the author, online via sites such as Amazon, and royalties from READ MORE

Boring but Important

Did you know that being an author, especially an indie author, has many similarities to running a small business? Our main industry is writing and publishing. For most of us, the second thing would be speaking and running workshops. We love nothing more than dreaming up new stories and creating books that children can read. READ MORE