About Books On Tour

Books On Tour was created in 2017 out of a passion for advocating for Australian children’s creators; who are strong stakeholders in fostering a love of learning, books and the enjoyment of reading for children and their families.

In sharing and celebrating newly released titles, we believe we can instil a buzz of excitement around these books and their creators that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. Now everyone can join in the magic of a book launch!


To provide parents, schools and community the access to newly released Australian children’s books and to connect with their creators through an online book launch celebration.


  • For children, parents, teachers and general public to join in the celebrations of newly released Australian books.
  • For students to be able to connect with and learn more about an author or illustrator.
  • For students to engage with books and related activities to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation.
  • For authors, illustrators and publishers an opportunity to market themselves and their books, and to connect with their audience.


  • This is a free service for the general public, only requiring email subscription to receive the latest news and updates. See below.
  • Users will have access to social media links to contact their chosen author or illustrator via a specified portal.
  • Free downloadable fun teaching and learning activities and games will be readily accessible.
  • Signed books will be available for purchase via a specified link.

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