Just Write For Kids (JWFK) was founded in 2014 as an online support group for writers and illustrators of children’s books to focus on achieving goals and connecting with others. Its rapid growth has brought many creative and knowledgeable people in the kidlit industry to the group, all being at differing stages of their publishing journeys.

JWFK continues to strive to:

engage and support others in the Australian children’s literature community. 

JWFK’s mission is to:

  •  Provide up-to-date information about literature news and events to the community.
  •  Promote passion and the value of reading and writing, and teaching skills to others in order to achieve set goals.
  •  Raise the profile of book creators and their important role in advocating literacy for children and young Australians.
  •  Facilitate an encouraging community for writers, illustrators, teachers and parents to come together to learn and share knowledge.

JWFK is proud to continue to established new initiatives to continue engaging the Australian children’s literature community in the love of books and reading:

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