What is the Just Kids’ Lit Directory?

You may notice our directory logo with the name, ‘JeKyLl & Find’. The J, K and L stand for Just Kids’ Lit. It is dedicated to the directory page to help you recognise, and remember us!

The Directory allows users to easily find, discover and connect with all services relating to the children’s literature industry.

  • Gain information on particular authors and illustrators for research purposes or for seeking commissioned work.
  • Find out where you can send your manuscript to for assessment, editing or publication.
  • Explore a vast array of websites and blogs that will provide you with the best tips, interesting articles and the latest news in the field.

The sky’s the limit!

Who does the directory benefit and how will I gain from using it?

By including your profile on the directory, whether you are a writer, artist, editor or book store owner, your business will be viewed by not only fellow creatives in the field, but also those supporting it such as sponsoring organisations, parents, teachers, students and the general public.

Authors and illustrators can be recognised as representative figures in the industry by schools, libraries, book stores and agencies who may be seeking research or for speaking engagements and/or commissioned work.

Literary Organisations may benefit by raising their profile and gaining support for the advocacy of children’s literacy.

How is the Just Kids’ Lit Directory different to other online directories?

Our directory is unique and absolutely dedicated to Australian children’s literature. We have a number of features available to help you get the most of and enhance your listing.


  • It’s FREE for the public to use so scope and visibility is wide.
  • Affordable listings, simple and easy to upload your profile.
  • Links to your website.
  • A unique directory link is provided for sharing via email and social media.
  • Add photos to your listing, including a feature photo.
  • Reviews capability to support, and have support, of your own and others’ businesses.
  • Ability to upgrade to a more prominent Featured Listing at any time.
  • Space available for advertisements.
  • Listings able to be featured in two (2) Directory Categories.
  • Email Help Support available.


How do I create a listing?

The Just Kids’ Lit Directory (JeKyLl & Find) is a children’s literature service with an extensive scope across the field. It’s quick and easy to join our community!

Complete the Listing Order Form including your details, description and chosen images.

Select a Listing Type* and your submission will be processed ASAP! Payments are made via the ‘Submit Payment’ link to PayPal.

*Listing Types include FREE (with Promo Code), Standard or Featured Listings. May change without notice.

How do I manage my listing?

At this stage, all queries regarding changes or concerns can be directed to the support admin at our email address.

Only a minimal number of changes per listing is permitted, so please revise your details carefully before submission.

What’s the difference between a Standard and a Featured Listing, and how do I upgrade?

All listings include the same amazing features as identified in ‘How is the Just Kids’ Lit Directory different to other online directories?’. 

A Standard Listing appears with only the title name (linked to listing) in the left sidebar of the Directory page when it is a new entry.

A Featured Listing will appear as a clickable image in a premium space on the Directory page for the duration of your contract.

*Prices subject to change after promotional period ends.

To upgrade to a Featured Listing you can either choose to nominate this choice at the beginning of your contract upon submission of your Listing Order Form. Alternatively, at any time during your current contract you may email our admin support with the subject ‘Upgrade my Listing’ and further instructions regarding additional payment will be sent to you.

What kind of information do I include in my Author or Illustrator Profile?

Authors and illustrators have the unique opportunity to provide information about themselves and their work that may be viewed by schools, agencies, publishers or other organisations for study or commissioned work purposes. The scope of detail included is your choice. But remember, to make the most impact, keep it brief and relevant.

Some points to consider may include:

  • Brief background: where you grew up / where you live now
  • What / who inspired you to write / draw
  • Past experiences that influenced your writing style / type of imagery depicted in your work
  • What genre/s you write / illustrate
  • List of book titles / where you’ve been published
  • Any awards received
  • Schools / workshops / festivals that you have / will be presenting at
  • Favourite pastimes / hobbies.

*Admin is not responsible for any editing of your submission.


Why does the Just Kids’ Lit Directory encourage business reviews?

By leaving a positive review for your favourite services can assist them with potential future business, as well as helping others to consider their options.

Your own profile can be lifted by having reviews written about the service you provide.

Let’s continue to make this the most supportive and encouraging children’s literature community! 😊

Are reviews overseen and moderated?

Yes, any reviews or comments left on listings will be reviewed for their appropriateness. As a supportive community, we encourage honest and positive reviews.

Any defamatory or abusive remarks will be deleted. If you have an issue with a particular business it is advised to deal with them privately.

Please contact our email support if you notice anything negative that requires immediate attention.


Who can see my profile and reviews?

Your profile, images and reviews are able to be viewed publicly by any user of the site. Any private information will not be displayed.

Please contact our email support if you have any queries regarding privacy.

What does the Just Kids’ Lit Directory do with my personal information?

Just Kids’ Lit Directory (JeKyLl & Find) respects your privacy and will not disclose any personal information to any other party. The details you provide on your Listing Order Form will be displayed publicly on your listing unless otherwise specified.

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