Standard – A Standard Listing refers to a detailed profile of your biography, service or business including website and social media links and images. This profile appears upon the search within the category (in alphabetical order) or by name. Reviews can be left by you or for you on each listing. Above Diamond and Gold packages refer to Standard Listings.

Feature – A Feature Listing refers to the same as above PLUS a clickable image of your listing in the left sidebar of the Directory. This is exceptional visibility for your listing.

Lifetime – A Lifetime Listing refers to a Standard Listing that will never expire nor need to be renewed. Modifications to listings are able to be made via email to admin. Cancellations can be made at any time, however only up to $10 may be refunded if cancelled within ONE YEAR of submission. Refundable amount up to the discretion of admin.

One Year – A One Year Listing refers to the twelve month period in which the listing has been posted live, expiring one year and one day later. No refunds are given if cancelled within the one year period.


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Directory Terms & Conditions:

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– All details must be revised and correct at the time of submission.

– Multiple submissions are accepted but will need to be registered in separate forms.

– Listing costs are per single submission unless otherwise specified.

– Just Kids’ Lit Directory has the right to reject any inappropriate submissions, or delete a listing that does not meet our policies.

– In the case of listing cancellation upon reasonable circumstances, part or thereof of payment may be refunded to the client.

– The contract begins on the date of approval and advertised listing.

– The contract will continue for the agreed period.

– Just Kids’ Lit Directory is not liable to the client for any loss or damage arising from the publication of the listing.

– By uploading content you permit Just Kids’ Lit Directory to advertise in a public listing only and not for any other private purpose.

– No other personal information will be disclosed to other parties.

– All payments are GST inclusive.

– The client agrees to payment terms and methods as specified on the order form.

– Users of the directory will use the site in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, and will not link a listing in any defamatory, threatening, offensive or unlawful way.

– Direct advertising or summaries of single books, ebooks or products are not accepted as independent listings, but may be referred to in broader profiles.

– This directory is strictly for services, creators and interested parties of the Australian children’s literature industry. Spammers and hijackers are NOT welcome.

– Queries may be directed to justwriteforkidsblog at gmail dot com.

Thank you.

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