Daniela Glyntzos

Daniela Glyntzos (Dani G) is a high school Visual Arts educator and artist trained in both traditional media and graphic design. When she is not in the classroom, Dani is working on local art exhibitions and competitions which has seen her work displayed in numerous community kerbside exhibitions and local art exhibitions such as Rediscovering Camden and The Camden Art Prize.

Dani G describes herself as an ‘all-rounder’ (sort of like Leonardo Da Vinci, minus the mathematical and engineering skills) when creating her art, working in both traditional media and technology. Her traditional forms and materials include the use of painting, watercolour, printmaking techniques, mixed media, and paper craft.

Over time, Dani G has progressed towards technology as her main medium. She uses digital media and photography to form her art using programs and technology including Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop, Apple Pencil, and iPad.

Her inspiration comes from the people, shapes, and nature around her, and she is influenced by the themes of culture/food, traditions, the environment and flora and fauna. She loves the use of colour, particularly the use of block colours and stark outlines, working in freeform and quite organically to create unique contemporary designs and illustrations.

Website: www.danig.com.au

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