Congratulations to all the amazing entries received in this year’s Pitch It! Competition for Australian writers of children’s books! Please find below the full list of qualified manuscript pitches for 2023.

Picture Books (in alphabetical order)

A Christmas Song
A Drop of Water
A Robot Rebellion
A Surprise for Mum
Accidental Friends
Alexander and the Case of the Hows and Whys
Alga Rhythm
All at Sea
All Stars Shine a Little Differently
Archie’s Summer
Baby Babble
Bad Day to be a Backyard Cricket Ball
Bad Day to be a Berry
Bad Day to be a Golf Ball
Barb’s Balloon Bending
Bees Can Dance
Berty Stop Being Shirty
Beware… We Scare!
Beyond the Rooftops
Big Blue
Bobbie and Spots from Julian Rocks
Boo! Rah!
Bring Your Bestie
Brother Wisdom
Bud and the Moonbeam Dream
Buk Buk What the Cluck?
Busy Garden
By Hook or by Chook
Cactus Cactus Magnanimous
Courtney’s Tree
Cuddling Cloud
Dad’s Undies to the Rescue
Daisy Drags Dad to the Dentist
Daisy’s Pockets
Diggers are the BEST!
Do Not Smile
Dogs Don’t Dance
Donny the Zombie
Don’t Call Me Fussy
Don’t Feed the Dragonflies
Double Plus Good
Dougie in the Window
Dragon Park
Dragonfly and the Swamp in the Sky!
Drawings for Dad
Drip, Drip, Drippity Drop
Dumpster Diner
Experience! That’s the Thing!
Feather Hunting
Feelings Onboard
Felicity Fiddle-legs CANNOT Sit Still
Fill the Car at a Poo Gas Station
First Day Drop-Off
Fishing for Clouds
Flowers of the Sea
Frank’s Ideas
Friendship and Flowers
From the Ashes
Gita’s Hairventures
Grandad’s Mo
Grandpa and the Clouds
Halley’s Hot Air Balloon
Harmony Week
Help Me Escape Absurd Aunt Maud!
Here Comes the Rain!
Hollow Hug
Honey Grows Smaller
How to be a Duck
Hugo’s Friendship Project
I Think My Teacher is a Fairy
If Koalas Were Our Teachers
I’m NOT a Dolphin
Imagination Sea
In a Hug
It’s My Mess
It’s Our Nanny’s Birthday
Jim McNair Wears Braids in His Hair
Kip’s Chips
Kissed by Cheska Chicken
Kitchen Dancing
Let’s Play the Car Game!
Light Up the Dawn
Little Joe Small and the Mountain Tall
Little Red Hiking Boots
Mae’s Marvellous Marbles
Maggie and Max
Milly’s Secret Tail
Mira Lee’s Feast of Memories
Monkeys Between My Ears
Mooncake Mission
Moonlight Wallaby
Mud Mud Horrible Mud
Mum’s Brilliant Birthday Bonanza
My Name is Levi
Nate’s Noisy Nose
Ned and Clancy
Nigel the Nit’s Wordly Adventures!
No Chooks Allowed
Nora Finkle’s Remarkable Beard
Not Just a Side Dish
Now You Know Your ABCs
Off We Go
One Bucket of Chips
Paper Chain
Parental Misguidance
Patch and Pickles Party Pandemonium
Penelope Particular
Penny the Pea Hen
Period Party
Petunia’s Marvellous Musical Nose
Pigs (Might) CAN Fly
Pirate Red-beard Boots
Poppy’s Hat
Posy the Pink
Ptallulah Pterodactyl Hates Her Name
Rattle on Bones
Ready for Adventure
Ready to Roar
Roamer and Me
Rocky, the Mouse Who Never Grew
Roosters on Scooters
Rose Tickle, the Tinker
Rudi, the Reef Thief
Salami Day at Nonno’s House
Santa’s Silly Socks
Saving Fluffy – The True Story of a Great White Shark
Savvy’s Snails
Scentsational Surprises: Animals that Smell Like Food
Second Chance Books
Shell Shopping
Show Me How You Pop Up!
Singapore 1942: The Story of Sergeant B.W. Stein
Sit and Eat
Sloff the Sloth
Smile, Smile, Crocodile
Sneeze Adventure
Starry Bridges
Stretch the Sausage Dog Aims High
Summer Is
Swifty and the Rainforest Guardians
Thank You
The (Babies) Baddies Are Coming!
The Book Thief
The Boy Who Broke the Sky
The Dance Concert
The Dummy Battles
The EnSNACKlopedia: Snack Facts for Hungry Minds
The Faraway Reef
The Farmer’s Pyjamas
The Fox of Endless Kindness
The Giggle
The Lampkin Lullaby
The Last Book
The Library Cat
The Marvellous Sea Creatures You Haven’t Met Yet
The Molenaar
The Monster Finder
The Other Side
The Paper Boat (1)
The Paper Boat (2)
The Paper Leaf Tree
The Paw-some Mayoress!
The Perfect Birthday
The Pink Witch
The Propertree Agent of Brently Wood
The Scariest Spider
The Swing
The Titanic and Me
The Twiddledit Dad
The Very Grumpy Elf
The Whale’s Tales
The Wingless Fairy
The Woods
This Bambino Needs a Babyccino
Tilly Topsy
Try and Try and Try
Tucker Wants to Tango
Two Trains
Uh Oh, Oh Noooo!
Under the Persimmon Tree
Up. Around. In
We’re Going Trick-or-Treating
What If
What Sort of Dog Am I?
What’s in My Toolbox?
When Harri Met Scary
When Sisters Stick Together
Where Will You Go?
Who’s Listening: How Garden Creatures Hear
Why Can’t I?
Why Did the Sleepy Lizard Cross the Road?
Why I Want a Dragon
Why You MUST Make Your Bed
Woolly the Magnificent
Yolk Tale
You Can Do It Ada
Zoe and Kat’s Nap

Junior Fiction (in alphabetical order)

A School of Knocks
Billy and Lou VS the Unicorns
Chef Frankencheddar – The Tombstone Diaries
Crafty Cleo
Dragon Tears
Fraser’s Magic Eraser
Fred and Dog
Gerty McWerty and the Sticky Spell
Herman Shelby and the Vanishing Vegetable
Iggy Erkelstine, Fictional Companion
Maisie and the Fairies
Mason and the Magic Drum
Princess Honey
Rose and Wild – Lost in Marshmallow Mansion
Rubbing it Smooth
The Beanstalk Chronicles
The Case of the Crooked Chocolate Chef
The Code Thieves from Tootlezun
The Creek Crew
The Famous Fryers of England
The Gift
The Nahla Mystery
The World’s Most Professional Farter
Weedy Dandelion
Witching Hours
Zoo Capers with Dr Chase

Middle Grade (in alphabetical order)

Abigail Rachman and the Bush Adventure
Amy v the Menacing Millionaire
Artificial evolution – Network
Beyond the Forbidden Boundary: The Unknown World
Busted Curse
Class of Nine
Device Zombies
Ethelwulf Greyangel’s Circus of Light
Gracie the Diamond
Invisible Girl
Life is Looking Up For Charlie Reeves
Maelstrom Island
Merlin Houdini Mindweaver
Moon Man
Quit Calling Me Stumblemore
Realms of Invention
Secrets Uncovered
Silent Extinction
Sorry Doesn’t Fix Things
Ten Pound Pommy Kid
The Cruise
The Girl in the Corner
The Glow in Her Hands
The Mer of Treachery Island
The Raven’s Meadow Academy Secrets and Superstition
The Santa Wars
The Secrets of Wilson’s Wood
The Space Crews
The Steam Team – Art Attack
The Watch Watchers
The Last Thylacine
Where Strangers Hide
Worth Fighting For
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