Activities with The Post Office Pup by Marg Gibbs

There’s so much to learn and engage in with the themes delivered in The Post Office Pup by Marg Gibbs and Alicia Rogerson. For children, how often do they participate in local postal services, such as sending and receiving letters and parcels, and visiting the Post Office? What do they know about different delivery options, […]

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#BookReview: The Post Office Pup by Marg Gibbs and Alicia Rogerson
The Post Office Pup

#BookReview The Post Office Pup, Marg Gibbs (author), Alicia Rogerson (illus.), M J Gibbs, June 2021. Set in author Marg Gibbs’ local Mapleton community, The Post Office Pup is a delightfully told story of Shilo, the Post Office’s Cocker Spaniel, and his postal mission to sniff out some goodies from the delivery van each day. […]

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In Conversation with Marg Gibbs and Alicia Rogerson on The Post Office Pup

Congratulations on the release of the adorable, The Post Office Pup! Marg, this sweet story was inspired by the real life Shilo from your local Mapleton Post Office. What can you tell us about him and the research that went into creating this tale? MG: Shilo is 11 years old, so perhaps not a young […]

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