Technology Can be Fun, But Always be Safe – Article by Penny Macoun

#gorkleĀ #bookcampaign #booksontourpr #day3 Ah, technology. Can’t live with it, can’t live without out. More of the latter, actually. Whilst there are times when technology won’t behave, it’s a vital part of our existence and the advancements over the years are truly remarkable. For children using devices and engaging with various platforms, there are many elements READ MORE

Connecting Friends Oceans Apart

Guest Post by Robert Vescio Connecting Friends Oceans Apart It is with great pleasure to welcome children’s author Robert Vescio to share his inspiration for writing his latest, heartwarming book, Jack and Mia – a story on everlasting friendship and long-distance connections. ————————————————————————- I wrote Jack and Mia to show how friendships (rich in imagination) READ MORE