The Impact of an Indigenous Literacy Foundation Initiative by David Lawrence

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is a national charity that works, through the support of the community, to provide reading and literacy opportunities for children and families in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Their goals are to provide culturally relevant books, including early learning board books, resources, and programs to support Communities to create […]

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The Quick Six Interview with David Lawrence on Xander and the Pen

Welcome to #TheQuickSixInterview with David Lawrence! It’s such a huge honour to welcome award-winning children’s author, Indigenous Literacy Foundation Ambassador and all-round funny man, David Lawrence to our blog to talk about the latest magical book in his Pen series; Xander and the Pen. Following the success of Ruby and the Pen, this sequel is […]

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Review: A fun-filled junior fiction sports series suitable for kids of all abilities

Ball Stars: The Bench Warmers, David Lawrence (author), James Hart (illus.), Random House, 2017 Synopsis:  Meet the Bench Warmers – Danny, Crystal, Angie, Omyr, Leanne and Cody. They’re the new basketball players at Robdale Primary and according to hot shot Greg ‘The Goat’ McGriffin, they don’t have a chance of winning a lunchtime game. But […]

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