The Quick Six Interview with Josie Montano and Iris and the Rainbow Day

Welcome to #TheQuickSixInterview with Josie Montano! It’s a pleasure to welcome back accomplished author, Josie Montano to the blog! Josie featured here in 2019 with Kathy Hoopman to share the release of their The Secret Science Society’s Spectacular Experiment. Today she talks to us about her unique, colourful and profound picture book, Iris and the Rainbow Day; […]

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10 Practical Ways to Encourage Reluctant Readers

“I hate books!” “I hate reading!” “Books are boring!” These are comments that are heard in household and at school. And it is becoming more prevalent. To me, this is a tragedy. Books can open up the world to a child. The can learn new things. They can escape to another time, another place, another […]

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