The Quick Six Interview with Samantha-Ellen Bound on Seven Wherewithal Way

Welcome to #TheQuickSixInterview with Samantha-Ellen Bound! What an absolute honour to welcome an award-winning author and podcast host to our blog to talk about the third book in her incredibly epic, portal fantasy series! Samantha-Ellen Bound is a folklore, fairytales and mythology enthusiast, and the Seven Wherewithal Way books for middle grade readers are immersed […]

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Picture Book Review: Wolfie, an Unlikely Hero

Wolfie: An Unlikely Hero, Deborah Abela (author), Connah Brecon (illus.), Random House Australia, 2017 Synopsis: I, The Wolf, am sick of being the bad guy. I’m taking over this book. Dear Readers, Fairytales are nonsense. They’re full of wolves pestering pigs and picking on sweet little girls in red hoods. But I would never do […]

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