The Art of an Illustrator: Jacqui Hewlett

Welcome to The Art of an Illustrator with Jacqui Hewlett! We’re delighted to welcome talented artist, author and pattern designer, Jacqui Hewlett, to our blog, to share her fascinating, wondrous and whimsical work with us. Jacqui’s playful ‘Wandering Geckos – Patterns in Nature’ piece is the first burst of movement and colour upon entering Our […]

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Just Picture This illustrator Interview – Jacqui Hewlett

Just Write For Kids are thrilled to introduce emerging illustrator, Jacqui Hewlett to our new segment, ‘Just Picture This Illustrator Interview’! We met her via our Illustrator Competition earlier in the year. Nice to have you here, Jacqui! 😀 🎨 How did you come to be an illustrator, and what do you like about illustrating […]

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