The Quick Six Interview with Samantha-Ellen Bound on Seven Wherewithal Way

Welcome to #TheQuickSixInterview with Samantha-Ellen Bound! What an absolute honour to welcome an award-winning author and podcast host to our blog to talk about the third book in her incredibly epic, portal fantasy series! Samantha-Ellen Bound is a folklore, fairytales and mythology enthusiast, and the Seven Wherewithal Way books for middle grade readers are immersed […]

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Book Review: The Relic of the Blue Dragon by Rebecca Lim

The Relic of the Blue Dragon, Rebecca Lim, Allen and Unwin, 2018 When Harley Spark accidentally releases Qing, one of five dragon sisters, from the ancient vase she’s been trapped in for centuries, he is soon on a dangerous international mission with Qing to find and free her four sisters. Harley gave a little shiver […]

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No History to Speak Of – A teaser for Sympath

#TheSentinelsOfEden #BlogTour #BooksOnTour #Day7 [rlslider id=8008] No History To Speak Of: A teaser to Sympath – Sentinels of Eden #3 by Carolyn Denman The envelope fell to the floor, ignored in favour of its contents. George Durante let his eyes blur, feeling his heart thud against his ribs, but when he focussed his vision again, the […]

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