The Quick Six Interview with Adele Jones on Immortal Mistake

Welcome to #TheQuickSixInterview with Adele Jones! We’re thrilled (in more ways than one!) to invite our next guest to the blog! Young adult writer, Adele Jones, shares her latest enthralling science-fiction thriller, Immortal Mistake; a gripping, confronting and high impact novel set to ignite a visceral intensity that readers can’t bear to ignore. Hold on […]

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Reliving the History of the Max Booth Stamp Safari Blog Tour

#MaxBooth #StampSafari #blogtour #booksontour #day10 What an exciting quest to boggle the mind with infinite and unreal possibilities! The Max Booth Stamp Safari Blog Tour has been a marvellous expedition in and across the blogosphere and way, way into the future. Cameron Macintosh has most definitely ensnared our imaginations and given us some thought-provoking facets […]

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Book Review: Max Booth Future Sleuth: Stamp Safari by Cameron Macintosh and Dave Atze

#MaxBooth #StampSafari #blogtour #booksontour #day4 Max Booth Future Sleuth: Stamp Safari, Cameron Macintosh (author), Dave Atze (illus.), Big Sky Publishing, August 2018. Blurb: A tiny piece of paper from the year 2019 might not sound very interesting to most people. But Max and Oscar – Bluggsville’s sharpest sleuths – aren’t most people! Max has a […]

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