Anthologies – A Leap to Publication by Stef Gemmill

Guest Post by Stef Gemmill We are thrilled to have the winner of our Pitch It! Competition for children’s writers on the blog – Stef Gemmill – as she shares how writing for magazines and anthologies has helped her achieve her goals and get a foot in the publishing house door. Thanks Stef!  While many READ MORE

So- how did you go?

At the beginning of last year I posted this matrix of things to do spread throughout the year. I think it’s a good strategy for everyone to review their goals from time to time, and when better than at the beginning of the year? So, how did you go with these goals and what were READ MORE

Magazine Matters

One of the ways to get your work published and build up your author/illustrator portfolio and presence is to submit stories/illustrations to magazines. Magazines don’t skimp on the quality of work they accept, but they have a higher through-put of stories than is possible when publishing books. Have a look in industry magazines and newsletters READ MORE

#InterviewByTheme with Robert Vescio

It’s not your imagination… Robert Vescio really is here talking all things Fantasy in today’s interview! Let’s have an adventure! 😛 👑 What is the most imaginative book you’ve ever read? I grew up reading the Chronicles of Narnia. My absolute all time favourite book is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. For me, opening READ MORE

From the A to the E-Zine

As creators and educators in the children’s literature field we need support and up-to-date knowledge of the industry to help us continue, and succeed, on our writing and teaching journeys. With opportunities to have work published, profiles discovered and resources on hand, we applaud those generous literary magazines and e-zines that do just that. Buzz READ MORE

Cream Rising – Marian McGuinness Part 2

All about competitions. As mentioned in my introduction to Marian in Part 1, Marian McGuinness has won, placed and shortlisted in many writing competitions and awards and received several prestigious mentorships. In today’s post the focus is on entering competitions – what’s the secret to her success? Marian, your website has a long list of READ MORE

Cream Rising – Marian McGuinness Part 1

In terms of cream rising to the top Marian McGuinness is certainly someone to watch. Marian has won, placed and shortlisted in many writing competitions and awards, received several prestigious mentorships including the 2014 CBCA Charlotte Waring Barton Award and Mentorship with Random House; the 2014 ASA Emerging Writers and Illustrators Mentorship; and most recently READ MORE