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Reading Go Away, Foxy Foxy will stimulate children’s creativity, and give them the power to be their own superheroes! Karen Hendriks is a passionate advocate for facilitating reading and developing a love of it. What other wisdom will she impart in this interview?! 🙂

Congratulations on the release of your empowering and gorgeous story, Go Away Foxy Foxy! What are some of the themes throughout the book? Were these a conscious choice when writing the story, or did they come about organically?

Thank you so much for the warm congratulations for Go Away, Foxy Foxy! It is an empowering story for children that’s a fun read.

The themes included are teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking, independence, being you is cool, and reading makes you smart.

Although the themes are throughout the book, they weren’t a conscious choice by me as a writer. They wove their way into the story organically. However, my writing is strongly influenced by being a mum and a primary school teacher.


In five words, how would you describe the bunnies?

clever, creative, curious, collaborative, inventive


In five words, how would you describe Foxy Foxy?

cunning, sneaky, crafty, hungry, gullible

Go AWay Foxy Foxy

What do you hope your book will achieve?

Firstly, I hope Go Away, Foxy Foxy takes children into the world of the bunnies and Foxy. It’s all about the story.

Secondly, I hope it makes those kids that read it feel like superheros. If you’re a reader, you learn things.

Thirdly, when you work as a team you can achieve anything, even the seemingly impossible.

Fourth, creative thinking is the bomb. It can surprise in many unexpected ways.


The illustrations in Go Away, Foxy Foxy are charming and sweet, with a boldness that beautifully represents the nature of those clever little bunnies! What do you like most about Naomi Greaves’ pictures? Is this how you initially envisaged the illustrations to look?

Naomi’s bright bold illustrations draw the eye to the right places at the right times. Each bunny’s personality is captured perfectly within the visual narrative. (The curious, the creative, the timid.) The images of Foxy immediately show that he is sly and cunning and up to no good. I love how when Foxy isn’t mentioned in some spreads he sneakily appears in the images. The child reader is very aware Foxy is out there and that the bunnies need to do something. Naomi’s illustrations brilliantly build the tension and anticipation for the climax. Inside my head I can hear the child reader wondering what is going to happen next? I love the touches of humour that the illustrations brilliantly bring to the story.

I left the visuals totally to Naomi and wanted to be surprised as both the writer and the reader. I don’t like to picture the illustrations myself as I trust the illustrator’s creative process.

 Go AWay Foxy Foxy

What is your favourite part of Go Away Foxy Foxy? Why?

Now, that is a tricky question because I have a few favourite parts. But I do adore the opening page because the words and pictures work together magically to set the story up so well. I love the double page spread of Foxy because the tension is high in the air.

Go Away FOxy FOxy

We’re excited to learn about your upcoming projects! What can you reveal to us?

On the first of September, Feathers is being released by Empowering Resources and in April, 2022 Home will be released by Daisy Lane Publishing. Both are heartfelt stories inspired by my own life journey. I am super excited to welcome them into the world.


Thank you, Karen, for your brilliant responses! It’s been a pleasure! 😊


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Go Away, Foxy Foxy is available to purchase at Daisy Lane Publishing | Booktopia.


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