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It’s always a real pleasure to have multi-talented, international award-winning author and entrepreneur on the blog – Michelle Worthington! Last time she visited we were swept away with her adorable adventures in The Wind and the Mouse and The Mouse and the Egg, and now we are diving in to her magical bookish middle grade adventure in Sass and Traz Save the Library! So, let’s meet Michelle and some of her fantastic, new characters! 🙂

About the Author

Michelle Worthington is an international award-winning author having published 20 children’s books, some including Dino Love, Malibu the Cheeky Elf, Glitch, Pugs Don’t Wear Pyjamas, and The World’s Worst Pirate, to name a few. Two-time winner of the International Book Award and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards, Michelle also received a Gellett Burgess Award and a Silver Moonbeam Award for her contribution to celebrating diversity in literature.

She is also an award-winning Screen Writer, loves coffee and camping and is a real-life book fairy. With her initiatives, Anthology Angels and Authors Online, she waves her wand to coach aspiring authors and illustrators all over the world achieve their dreams of publication. Whether she’s a fairy, a mermaid, a pirate or an elf, Michelle celebrates empowering readers and storytellers to dream big.

We are thrilled to help celebrate the release of the fun-tastical first book in the series, Sass and Traz Save the Library, illustrated by Naomi Greaves, published by Daisy Lane Publishing.

Please follow Michelle on her website: Home (michelleworthington.com)

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Sass and Traz Save the Library is available for purchase through: Daisy Lane Publishing | Booktopia


Stop by at the library for some launch party fun as we celebrate the release of Sass and Traz Save the Library by Michelle Worthington and Naomi Greaves! We’re paying tribute to our wonderful librarians, local and school libraries on Wednesday October 20!

Log in to Twitter at 7PM AEDST and follow the threads at #SassandTraz #SavetheLibrary for some fun Q&A time! You can also find all the tweets at @booksontour_aus, and be sure to tag @michelle_author in your replies.

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‘Read’ you at the library then!

Join us on a magical adventure with Michelle Worthington and her book for library-lovers, Sass and Traz Save the Library, being read across the blogs…

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3 thoughts to “A Launch with Book-Lover, Michelle Worthington

  • Norah

    This is a great book. I’ve missed the Twitter party already. 🙁

    • Just Write For Kids

      That’s ok, Norah! You can always check out the threads on Twitter! Glad you like the book – it’s a great mix of fantasy and bringing about the awareness of the importance of our libraries.

      • Norah

        It is. I love it!


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