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We are thrilled to introduce and welcome debut picture book author, Kate McGann, with her new release; the stunningly beautiful, calming and affirming book, The Glint of Gold. Be captivated by this touching story and its breathtaking illustrations by Patricia Ward, empowering its readers to stop and appreciate the beauty within and around them.

About the Author

Kate McGann is a writer living in rural Victoria with her partner and two children. She also lives with a bouncy dog, a haughty cat and chooks with heads like pom-poms. Kate loves to write stories exploring relationships, wellbeing and the wonders of nature.

Kate’s debut picture book The Glint of Gold is illustrated by Patricia Ward and published by Little Pink Dog Books.

Visit Kate at her website www.katemcgann.com)


THe Glint of Gold is available for purchase through: Little Pink Dog Books | Booktopia

Kate McGann reveals all in our Fun Facts Interview…

Name 5 places you’ve found ‘the glint of gold’:

1. In the hugs of my family.

2. On long walks with a friend. 

3. In a piece of music.

4. While dancing. 

5. In the play of light that occurs every day.

Name 5 ways you practice mindfulness:

1. Daily walks while taking note of the colours, textures and shapes in the landscape around me. 

2. Regularly practising yoga or qigong. These movement practices help me tune into my body and my emotions. They shine an uncompromising light on things I’ve been ignoring or neglecting!

3. Compulsively sniffing flowers and foliage. I think I’m more likely to be told to “stop smelling the roses”!

4. Pausing to take note of the sounds around me. They might be bird calls, insect noises, distant traffic, laughter, my dog snoring, my cat’s tongue rasping over the bottom of the food bowl…like now!

5. Observing my thoughts. I try not to judge them or over-identify with them – just note that they are there and what they are ‘up to’. I find this much easier to manage if I’m keeping up my regular yoga or qigong practice. If that slides, my self awareness does too!

Favourite type of ‘gold’:

Kindness. Particularly between strangers or across differences. 

Favourite childhood memory:

My ‘dig’ in our horse’s paddock. I would carve away at the soil to occasionally find an old, blue bottle or broken bits of decorative china. I was treasure hunting while creating stories of how my discoveries came to be there. It felt like another world. 

Favourite family activity:

Rockhopping along the coastline of Waratah Bay. We go there regularly and that ancient landscape always feels fresh to me.

One thing that makes you smile:

Watching my daughter’s chooks! Three silkie bantams, Cuddle, Love-Heart and Fluffy. They are comical, determinedly focussed and full of heart when they’re broody.

Join us on a touching journey with Kate McGann and her beautiful book, The Glint of Gold, shining across the blogosphere…

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