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Imagine your happiest place, anywhere in or around the world. Imagine spending all your precious moments there with your nearest and dearest. Author Kelly Louise Jarris touches her readers with this notion of peace, of treasuring conversations and of utilising the imagination to empower hope and comfort to those in need. Both of her recent books, Wonderful Wishes and Imagine Our Special Place come from personal stories, highlighting how the power of imagination can uplift and enlighten, even through difficult times. We hope this campaign throughout July will bring you golden rays of sunlight and sprinkles of joy! 🙂

About the Author

As a mother of four boys, Kelly Jarris has been lucky enough to see the diversity in each child, which is how the characters came about for her first book, Wonderful Wishes. Kelly also writes and appreciates stories from life experiences, with her recently released picture book, Imagine Our Special Place. Her sister’s journey with terminal cancer inspired Kelly to write a book that touches on sibling bonds, imagination and feelings of the unknown. The story has been described,

“Their imagination takes them out of their reality into other happy places”. 

Kelly has a background in veterinary nursing and was once an Australian wildlife rescuer.

We are thrilled to help Kelly celebrate the release of her latest, heartfelt picture book, Imagine Our Special Place.

Visit Kelly at her website: Kelly Louise Jarris Books | Australian Children’s Book Author (kljbooks.com)

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IMAGINE OUR SPECIAL PLACE is available for purchase through: Kelly’s SHOP | Amazon | Local and independent book stores

WONDERFUL WISHES is available for purchase through: Kelly’s SHOP | Amazon | Local and independent book stores

Some fun facts about Kelly Louise Jarris!

Name up to 5 of your most desired wishes:

  1. To be able to eat anything without gaining weight.

2. To find a cure for cancer.

3. I wish that we could all be happy and healthy.

4. I wish that my books make a positive difference.

5. I wish I could go back in time and chat with myself about what the future holds and maybe change how I saw things. 

If you could visit anywhere, real or imagined, where would it be, and why?

How good it would be to visit Santa at the North Pole?! That would be pretty awesome. 

What’s your favourite family memory?

Growing up in the country, I adored watching and helping deliver animals being born, looking after them and caring for them as they grew as our pets. I loved riding my motorbike in the paddocks and riding horses with my siblings and friends. 

Do you have a special writing space or place of inspiration?

I enjoy listening to the kids talk – it gives me ideas and I can understand how they see the world.

I don’t have a special spot but if I did it would be overlooking a classic Australian bush setting while looking out the window near a fireplace, in a cute, little storybook cottage. 

5 words to describe your writing style:

Personal, imaginative, reflective, fun, and narrative along with the rhyming element.

That’s when I have the most fun with words and the story. I find it a challenge and rewarding at the same time. 

Top tips for empowering the imagination:

Listen to your children. They have the most innocent, amazing take on the world. Take them outside and jump in puddles, let them get dirty, pick up leaves and look at the clouds. It is the tiny little things we forget to enjoy as adults. Kids can bring us back to basics.

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