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Today we’re getting creative with Janeen Brian and her Stupendously Thoughtful and Enigmatic Method to the wonderful world of STEM, which is cleverly and energetically explored in her latest middle grade title, The Fix-it Princess! How many STEM projects are incorporated into this book of miscalculated mishaps, I wonder?!

On page 25 in my latest book, The Fix-it Princess, Princess Shona bends down and plucks a dandelion flower from between the cobblestones in the castle courtyard. She holds it by the stem and slowly begins to pluck the petals, one by one, while at the same time, chanting, The drawbridge will open. The drawbridge won’t open. The drawbridge will open. And so on.

Now, Princess Shona lived a long time ago and would never have heard of the STEM of today which has less to do with dandelions, but everything to do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

However, Shona hopes the final petal will give her the positive result she wants, that is, the drawbridge will open. The reason for that is because she’s in a terrible predicament. Her parents have disappeared and she’s all alone. And, because the drawbridge keeps jamming, she’s also trapped within the castle walls.

So, while Shona’s dandelion petal plucking makes use of her vibrant creativity, it’s a fanciful, wishful hope and lacks any structured planning. Which, in many ways, is indicative of Shona’s character. Shona likes to fix things and make things, but for her the S in STEM is more likely to stand for Sporadic, Slap-dash or Super-rash. The T would stand for Too-speedy or needing more Thought. The E would be for Erratic, while the M would pair with Mis-management.

One example of the many fix-it projects Shona attempts, is a new chicken-house and yard, both of which require thought and meaningful measurement. Unfortunately Shona’s love for her chickens, her need for eggs and her good intentions don’t include any mathematical considerations and the result is a chicken calamity!

A worse disaster, however, is the loss of her beloved parents. From bits and pieces found in the castle shed, Shona knocks together a special birthday present for them. It’s a flying machine and Mum-Queen and Dad-King fly off over the castle wall with bright smiles and much waving. But days pass and her parents don’t return. Shona’s concern escalates. Where are they? What could’ve happened? And what will she do?

Shona needs all her creative thinking and resilience to decide what to do next. But what we see next is that on occasions she begins to draw on different ideas to solve problems. Problems such as ridding a dragon of a sore tooth (think pulleys, levers and spring action); needing to collaborate and compromise to further her quest for her parents (teamwork) and reducing wayward wanderings by using a map (symbols, directions, mathematics).

And those aspects smack of STEM.

But, the question remains. Does Princess Shona ever find her parents? Does she solve the mystery of what happened to them?

You’ll find out by reading The Fix-it Princess where Shona Tells Everything in this Medieval story!

Article by Janeen Brian.

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