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The growing bond between Lizzy and Bubbles, and the moment when she discovers her new pet’s special abilities…

Lizzy wrapped her arms around Bubbles’ neck. ‘You’re the only one I can talk to, I’m so glad I found your egg.’

Bubbles wrapped one of his front feet around her and nuzzled his nose against her neck. Lizzy felt water drip down her back.

‘Hey, what are you doing?’ Lizzy said, drawing away. She noticed water dripping out of his nose. ‘Are you sick? Do you need a tissue?’ she asked. She hoped that Bubbles wasn’t allergic to the forest. If he was, there was nowhere else she could hide him. Bubbles blew some water on a dry patch of grass not far from them.

‘What did you just do?’ Lizzy asked. Bubbles blew another stream of water, this time up in the air.

‘I think I’ve worked it out!’ Lizzy said. ‘You don’t breathe fire, you breathe water! You’re a water dragon!’

Title: Lizzy’s Dragon

Author: Melissa Gijsbers

Illustrator: Kylie Leane

Publisher: Stone Table Books

Produced by: © Books On Tour 2017 for Just Write For Kids Australia

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