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Welcome to the blog tour for Elizabeth Cummings latest release, Brave and Strong All Day Long! We will certainly make a splash with all the sunny goodness we have in store. So come along and have some fun in the sun! Here’s what you want to know about the heroine behind the story – article written by Elizabeth. 🙂

Brave and Strong All Day Long is based on real-life lifeguard Fiona. She is an inspiring female role model and a true champion of gender equality in action. Enjoying the stunning oceans and beaches is very much part of an Australian lifestyle. Having grown up near the beach, Fiona now works as a lifeguard on Sydney’s Eastern beaches for Randwick Council. Fiona’s in-depth knowledge of the local coast and the surf has enabled her to keep people safe and save lives during her years as a lifeguard, carving out a successful and highly regarded career in a traditionally male sector. The notoriously dangerous rips and shore dumps that occur seasonally require strength of mind and body and a selfless quick-thinking response when danger is at hand. Public safety and understanding of the surf are important considerations for all local government councils in charge of coastal areas and the rigour of training and standards of their lifeguards are testament to this.

It has been so exciting to have the local council on board with this project. They have embraced the concept of my story and not only provided a great deal of social media coverage but used this as a chance to platform the work. Fiona does and has since requested more stories from me on various local matters of interest. It looks like this may well turn into a long term collaboration within the local community and that is simply wonderful! For me, I see this as Verityville and its purpose coming to life, and the spirit of community growing and developing and hopefully impacting many people’s lives in a positive way now and in the future.

For more on this story please visit Randwick Council’s article:


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Elizabeth is a Sydney based author and poet. Her works often reflect the world from the perspective of those who are marginalised, misunderstood or simply unheard. Elizabeth’s picture book series, Elephant in the Room raises family and mental health topics. Elizabeth is an award winning poet and regularly presents on storytelling as well family and mental health issues both here in Australia and and internationally. Please find her at her website, shop and Facebook page.

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