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She may be pretty in pink, but she is also a pretty fantastic role model! Learn how lifeguard Fiona’s story inspired author Elizabeth Cummings to create her book, Brave and Strong All Day Long. Girl power! 🌊 🏄🏼‍♀️

You can’t get any more feminine than Fiona, from her obsession with the colour pink to her role as loving mother and daughter. On the surface she epitomises the female stereotypes. Yet scratch that surface and you’ll find a powerful tower of strength from her involvement in the day to day care of her elderly father to the bravery it takes to jump on a surf board and head out to rescue those in trouble in dangerous surf conditions.

The inspiration for BASADL obviously had its beginnings in the concepts of job roles and local beach characters. But the real depth the story lies in its message of resilience and the subtle narrative of gender stereotyping. The concept of ‘self’ within societal norms and the idea that one CAN be feminine yet strong, can love soft colours yet be brave and calm in the midst of chaos and trauma has intrigued me since I met Fiona and been inspired by her unapologetic stance and sense of who she is.

Trending conversations on the role of women are currently at a global high. Examples of this are the recent election of a young female for prime minister for New Zealand, the discussion around the role of Meghan Markle as a newly engaged soon-to-be royal family member, and the exposure of institutional gender discrimination and abuse in the Hollywood industry. No more is it acceptable to sit back and accept a background role. No longer should one be quantified in terms of whether one has children or not, and no more is it tolerable to put up with unwarranted sexist behaviour. Above all, no more should anything be justified simply in terms of gender.

Women are being called to take up their roles in boardrooms, as leaders for justice and charity and as game makers in how women should be treated. You might think that this shift already took place years ago and we are all equal now. The difference is that today to become who we want to be and to achieve what we want to achieve, we do not need to apologise or hide our feminine side. This becomes an important part of whom we are and is to be celebrated and not stripped away from us. This is the concept of BASADL. This is the resilience of Fiona. This is the new ‘girl power’; be yourself and be your best.

So if we love pink or hate it, if we are mothers or have no desire to be, if we choose to make stances for social justice or be part of business networks in other sectors, we can, and our choices and individuality bring a richness to the culture of the organisations and communities within which we operate. Diversity is a buzzword, a trending theme and so to carry this value through into a reality we need more Fionas. We need more women to be themselves, to hold on fast through those waves of resistance and stereotyping and ride through the storms of shifts and change in the hope of a new and more equal society, in which young women and girls can see a future of possibilities based on their strengths and interests rather than on the expectations of others.

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