Cultivating Greenleaf Press – Interview with Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlison is the dynamic force behind this wonderful new initiative in providing critical support to creators and small businesses. The award-winning author and presenter kindly shares with us the logistics of her blossoming resource, Greenleaf Press. Thanks, Aleesah! Congratulations on your newest venture with Greenleaf Press! What is your vision for this service and READ MORE

The Business of Writing: How to be an Authorpreneur

For many of creative people, it is difficult to take off the ‘creative hat’, so to speak, and put on the ‘business hat’. However, in this day and age of living in a noisy and busy world it is vital. Allison Tait interviewed Hazel Edwards in 2013 about the business of writing in her blog READ MORE

Not Just a Piece of Cake; Being an Author: Hazel Edwards Part 2

In Part 1 of my interview with Hazel Edwards last week she provided some important pieces of advice on understanding the ins and outs of the publishing industry, as well as tips on developing oneself as an ‘authorpreneur’. In this post Hazel talks more personally on her inspirations, achievements and highlights of some of her latest READ MORE

The Perplexing Process of Writing

So you’ve gotten an understanding of the actual craft of writing, but where to from here? I don’t know about you, but I question everything. So then I have to search for answers. How do you develop your ideas? How do write your novel? How do you get your head around book genres, categories of READ MORE

Not Just a Piece of Cake; Being an Author: Hazel Edwards

Hazel Edwards, best known for her much-loved and cherished ‘Hippo’ books, is also one of Australia’s leading and most passionate authors with over 200 books to her name. Just incredible! Writing across a range of genres for a diverse population, from picture books to chapter books and adult non-fiction, Hazel brings with her a fortune READ MORE

This message will self-destruct …

Ever had an awful, sinking feeling, that you’re just not good enough? That everyone else is doing this writing gig, so much better than you? Best-selling story ideas, publishing deals, book releases, fancy awards, more publishing deals, book relea … you get the picture. Everywhere you turn, there’s someone awesome. Doing their awesome thing of READ MORE

Technology Taming for Authors – Scoop-IT

This is the fourth post in my Technology Taming for Authors series. The links for previous topics are at the bottom of this post. What is Scoop-IT? Scoop-IT is an on-line curation and publishing platform based around topics. Do I need an account? Yes. I hate having a different account for different apps but Scoop-IT makes it easy. You READ MORE

Technology Taming for Authors – feedly

The problem with technology is there is such lot of it and it’s not always easy to work out what you need. So this is the first in a series of posts taking a personal look at technology for creatives who blog and step out on social media. If this is a topic that interests you, you might like READ MORE

Crowdfunding PART TWO: Tips for campaign set-up and success

Please click here to revisit Crowdfunding PART ONE: What is it and why should creatives consider it? Now that I had decided to crowdfund my first picture book, I had to make some important assessments and decisions. Which platform should I utilise and why? How likely am I to succeed in raising the funds required? READ MORE

It’s fun to play at the CBCA

One of the messages that has resounded loud and clear from the interviews with both Shelly Unwin and Lesley Gibbes‘ is the importance of developing contacts in the kid lit industry. One of the things Shelly and Lesley found invaluable were courses. Something that I have found invaluable is the Children’s Book Council of Australia, READ MORE