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Are you ready for a show? We have a special presentation to show you! The supremely talented illustrator and film maker, Andy Fackrell (along with the beautiful language from Shae Millward), has put together a ‘making of’ video showing early illustration sketches and the transformative magic that went into this enlightening book – here is ‘The Making of The Rabbit’s Magician’!

In our interview with Andy and Shae, Andy described the process:

‘I was blown away by how Shae’s story took on so many ideas, but was wrapped up so elegantly. The iconography and objects that Shae created – she’s a very visual thinker – all were pivotal to the story, and it was a case of keeping it simple enough to follow but layered in its meaning. I showed Shae and Paul (Collins, Ford Street) my thinking very early regarding colour and composition.’

He also shared his reasoning behind the colour and shape choices:

‘Colour helped convey the emotional journey; the red earth implied rawness of emotion, the Prussian blue night reflected loneliness, but the time Alby and Ziggy spent together was brought to life with exuberant complimentary hues. With the page design; the moon’s four phases helped reflect the transformation of Alby. I chose the koala because of the moon shaped ears, the quokka because of the innocence and trust, and the echidna…well because of its spikes it would be tough to hug (but our quokka would still try.)’

Andy Fackrell paints and illustrates with watercolour, pencil, oil on canvas and Photoshop brushes.

To revisit the interview with Shae and Andy, please head to our conversation here.

But now, please enjoy the divine work of Andy Fackrell…

Video created by Andy Fackrell.

Visit Shae Millward at her website: shaemillward.com

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Andy Fackrell can be found at Andy Fackrell.

THE RABBIT’S MAGICIAN is available for purchase through: Ford Street Publishing | Booktopia | Local and independent bookstores

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