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Avery’s Hat-Tastic Adventures Book 1; How Does A Hat Save The Day?, Ellie Royce (author), Mardi Davies (illus.), We Are All Made of Stories, August 2022.


Avery knows hat are helpful.

After all, she has forty nine of them in her collection!

One hat helps her feel brave and another hat helps her think. Her chef’s hat helps Avery make the best cheese on toast ever.

Heading for a day of fun at the community garden means wearing her favourite, very special gardening hat.

But when Sam the Scarecrow gets into trouble for not keeping birds out the gardens and is in danger of being ‘recycled’, can even a very special hat save the day?

Join Avery, her best friend Olivia and Olivia’s dog Gatsby on this “Hat-Tastic” adventure to find out!


First of all, I love the fact that an inanimate object like Sam the Scarecrow is thought of with such fondness, like a live being, with feelings, and an important job to do. To junior readers in this age bracket of five to eight, the conundrum presented in this story would be a very real problem – imagine your friend (even if it is a scarecrow) were in danger of being pulled apart because he is not performing at his best (thanks to those pesky, seed-loving birds). Surely that is cause for a protest and a hearty mission to save the day!

Our head-strong protagonist is Avery. Avery loves hats, because they help her think, thrive, and be anything on all kinds of occasions. In the first title of Avery’s Hat-Tastic Adventures; How Does a Hat Save the Day?, it is Avery’s versatility, resourcefulness and sacrifice that sees her and her best friend Olivia and dog Gatsby solve this gardening issue of the ‘Un-Scarecrow’ before Mr Laverty, one of the gardeners in The Patch, gives him a ‘facelift’ – yes, she solves the problem with a hat!

International award-winning author, Ellie Royce, offers a colourful variety of facets to her story. From Avery’s own, extensive collection of hats, to a community of diverse people and their cultural traditions, variations of scientific experiments and different ways of thinking – there certainly is a neat array of fruitful creativity in this tale! The seven ‘bite-sized’ chapters are alive with energy and character, both in their playful language and their deliciously zesty and unique monochrome illustrations by Mardi Davies throughout. In the same regard as popular series such as Billie B Brown, Lulu Bell, Violet Mackerel and Ginger Green, Avery Mc Daniel makes her own impression as a science- and earth-loving, feisty young girl. She’s a refreshing little ray of sunshine!

With a sweet and joyous finale where kindness, teamwork and tenacity pay off, plus a scrumptious community feast, How Does a Hat Save the Day? is brimming with fun, imaginative ideas in the areas of Science and HASS, as well as a pod-full of brilliance, warmth and heart.

And here’s a ‘heads up’ – Book 2; How Does a Hat Make You Well? is coming soon! Now, this is a series that your bookshelves will wear with pride!

Highly recommended!

Review by Romi Sharp.

Visit Ellie at her website: https://www.weareallmadeofstories.com/

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AVERY’S HAT-TASTIC ADVENTURES; How Does A Hat Save The Day? is available for purchase through: Booktopia | Amazon | Local and independent book stores

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