Daisy Runs Wild, Caz Goodwin (author), Ashley King (illus.), Little Hare, March 2020

Daisy Runs WIldBlurb:

What in the world was poor Jasper to do? Daisy kept running, so Jasper did too.


If you haven’t had your paws on the first rollicking title, Lazy Daisy (my review), then get scooting because you’ll need to be ready for another riotous romp with Daisy and Jasper when you encounter Daisy Runs Wild! Claiming to be ‘funnier than ever’, I’d have to agree – this unstoppable duo will have little ones jumping and squealing all the way through – as one would should they be spiked in the behind, or something like that!

An absolutely glorious (re-) introduction sees Daisy reclined in her fabulously elegant and luxurious sitting machine, alongside the ingenious designer that is the charismatic Jasper; adorned with Goodwin’s colourful, rhyming text and King’s vibrant, patterned décor and stylish outfits. It’s not long before the chaos ensues and Jasper finds himself, yet again, inducing his pet to cooperate on their walk. But, tumbles, interruptions and catastrophes amongst crowds are aplenty – something’s got Daisy spooked – and all poor Jasper can do is keep running after her. Oh, my lord! The hilarity of the disastrous situation continues to roll, just as thick and fast as a bumbling koala bowling people over into creeks and catapulting into cakes. ‘What in the world was poor Jasper to do?’ Will he be able to sit Daisy down again?

Once again, with a delicious mix of literacy devices to entice and engage – rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeia, to name a few – plus a comedic illustrative film strip of energy and action in leaps and bounds, Daisy Runs Wild literally could not be funnier. In that lies a heart-warming story, too, with some underlying themes in friendship, compassion and community. So, pre-schoolers, get your running shoes on and get set for a wild, action-packed adventure with the most loveable characters around!

Review by Romi Sharp.


Daisy Runs Wild Book Launch

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  • Norah

    What great fun!

    • Just Write For Kids

      It sure is! 🙂


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