Easy Peasy, Ky Garvey (author), Amy Calautti (illus.), EK Books, February 2023.


Ruby loves her shiny new red roller skates.

She’s never roller skated before, but she’s sure it will be easy peasy!
So when her dad offers to help her learn to skate, Ruby says no.

But things don’t go as planned …


With the popularity of roller skating amongst youngsters, this book couldn’t be timelier … and more joyful. Stemming from a nostalgic childhood memory, author Ky Garvey pens this delightful journey of independence, trying new things and the loving relationship between father and daughter.

When Ruby receives a pair of red, sparkly skates for her birthday, naturally, she is ecstatic – so much so, she sleeps with them in her bed and can’t wait to try them out the next day. Here’s where the action begins! The pace of the narrative and the flare of the burning rainbow trail picks up with Ruby’s rolling feet CRASHing, WIBBLING, WoBBLiNg, BUMPing and CRUNCHing all over the place! But she is determined, not without her ever-so-patient Dad’s offer of help, Ruby says, ‘No, it’s easy peasy!’. Until the sore knees (and bottom) almost crush her will to learn and the skates are promptly packed away. Asking for a little help can go a long way, because what follows is a spectacular series of whizzing colour and sparkles flying off the pages, abound with energy and triumph, as Ruby and Dad master the rink together … and Ruby skates on her own!

Illustrator Amy Calautti brilliantly electrifies with a melody of colourful mixed media patterns, collage and pastel-toned exuberance to represent this heartwarming story of trial, error and success. And who can resist Ruby’s little duck comrade! The narrative is packed in wheel-loads with perfectly aligned language devices including onomatopoeia, action verbs and a lovely, smooth rhythm.

Easy Peasy glitters with liveliness in its celebration of independence, perseverance and trusting in the support of others. A playful, empowering story of bonding and learning new skills – it’s easy peasy to ‘fall’ in love with this picture book with an almighty BUMP!

Review by Romi Sharp.

Ky Garvey can be found through Facebook and Instagram, and her Totally Lit Podcast

Amy Calautti can be found at her Amy Gorgeousness website, Facebook and Instagram

Easy Peasy is available for purchase at: EK Books

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  • Norah

    Great review. I love this book.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks, Norah! It’s a highly loveable book! 🙂 x


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