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Feathers, Karen Hendriks (author), Kim Fleming (illus.), Empowering Resources, September 2020.



‘Dad, it’s my wish feather.’

I gently place my dream treasure under my pillow.

Mum promised to always be with me…



The combination of author and illustrator chosen for this gentle story is the ideal pairing. Karen Hendriks’ wistful essence and lilting language is as soothing as the floating feathers and glimmering night stars in Kim Fleming’s illustrations. Feathers; an empowering and uplifting picture book that delicately carries an air of refreshing lightness around the topic of loss. Utilising the symbolism of feathers to soften, but not invalidate, the grief behind losing a loved one, to provide comfort and protection for both the boy in the story and his readers, is beautifully moving and thoughtfully captured in its very soul.

A young boy, out with his loving Dad on a breezy day, is reminded of his Mum’s hopeful message as he spots floating feathers being whisked up in the wind. Determined, despite dashing and darting after the feathers, the boy captures his ‘wish feather’ that has drifted by as gently as the echoes of his Mum’s promise to always be with him. Heartfelt images spread across the pages alongside the emotive text, of the boy and his Dad embracing and a longing to have his Mum’s presence transcendent upon him once more. The night time colour scheme of rich, opulent watercolour blues set behind the dazzling whites literally takes your breath away to a dream-like vision we all wish we could encounter in our sleep. The descriptive language so powerful we are truly inside this little boy’s mind. Stunning!

Tender, warm and loving. A book of the power of memory, and the power of keeping connections in the most meaningful, spiritual and personal ways. Feathers is the exact kind of soft embrace that both lays comfortably surrounding us and gently tickles our souls with its nostalgic, ethereal and magical presence. A beautiful, reassuring book for families with similar experiences to share and treasure, as well as one to elicit empathy, compassion and understanding in young children from age three and beyond.

Highly recommended.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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2 thoughts to “#BookReview: Feathers by Karen Hendriks and Kim Fleming

  • Norah

    What a wonderful recommendation. Feathers sounds like a delightful book.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks, Norah! Feathers is beautiful and touching in so many ways. A must-read! xx


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