#BookReview: Finding You, Robert Vescio (author), Hannah Sommerville (illus.), New Frontier Publishing, August 2022.


When a boy and a dog meet, an unbreakable and life-changing bond is created.

A touching and timely story about welcoming newcomers and those in need.

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The visual and emotive literacy conveyed through Robert Vescio‘s masterful, lyrical language honestly find a way into your soul. These words, combined with Hannah Sommerville‘s provocative illustrations, create a visceral reading experience that will long be felt after the closing of the book. Absolutely, eloquent words unite with exquisite pictures in both heart melting and surprising ways. Finding¬†You¬†is a book that signifies the true essence of humanity and friendship through the special nature of boy’s best friend. It is just sublime.

Short, sharp sentences pack a mighty punch as the narrator tells of his journey where the pair met, and connected, for the first time. Alone in the harsh, bustling streets where ‘no one seems to notice’. While it’s cold and unsheltered from the weather, a smile brings warmth to his heart. The boy and the dog find adventure, accented by Sommerville’s alluring illustrations – the warmth and energy found amongst her textured, linen-quality paint, line and etched mixture of moving sequences and full page spreads. Beautifully moody backgrounds of deep greys, purples, greens and browns always glistening with the pops of bright yellow in the boy’s top. From sunshine to storms, we can feel their closeness tightening with the formation of a very special bond. When it’s time for our narrator to return home, will his new friend choose to be brave and take a new, unexpected path? When you discover the answer, I’m sure the surprise will give you heart-warming shivers, just like it did for me.

In a time when we could all open our hearts, and homes (both literally and in the broad sense of the word) to those in need, Finding You hits the mark with its timely and sensitive subject matter. This story encourages thought-provoking discussions around a variety of issues, from wider topics like homelessness, animal welfare and refugees, to those closer to home, like showing kindness to others and making new friends.

Finding You is a picture book for all ages, cultural and social backgrounds, that is literally and figuratively beautiful, heartfelt and just magical. This really is a must-read.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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3 thoughts to “#BookReview: Finding You by Robert Vescio and Hannah Sommerville

  • Norah

    Another gorgeous one from Robert.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Yes! Absolutely. Robert is a storytelling master!

      • Norah

        He sure is. So many books that are pure delight.


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