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Go Away, Foxy Foxy, Karen Hendriks (author), Naomi Greaves (illus.), Daisy Lane Publishing, August 2020.


Velvet, Valentine and Vanilla Bean are sleeping out in their treehouse when leaves rustle and branches scrape.

“Fox claws”, Velvet whisper-shouts.

What can the bunnies do to protect themselves?

How do they work together to scare Foxy Foxy away?

With wonderfully bright illustrations by Naomi Greaves, Go Away, Foxy Foxy is a beautifully told tale of how working together can solve a problem.


From a new duo, Karen Hendriks and Naomi Greaves, bursting onto the scene with Go Away, Foxy Foxy; a picture book about a litter of three bunnies working together to scare a skulking predator away from their bamboo treehouse bungalow. This is an empowering and whimsical, cautionary tale with underlying themes in creative thinking, teamwork, independence and courage, all encapsulated within the safety of the delightfully warming illustrations.

Each with their own personalities and strengths, Velvet, Vanilla Bean and littlest bunny Valentine are determined to sleep out for the night in their treehouse without the need for Mummy’s assistance. Although, they always have the security of the ‘Mummy bell’, just in case! Keeping their wits and smarts about them (except for baby Valentine, at times), the bunnies show much fortitude when Foxy Foxy comes skulking, creeping and ‘scritch, scratch, scritching’ through the trees and up the ladder. They use calming strategies, prior knowledge and creative problem solving to outsmart the sly, hungry fox.

Hendriks’ vivid, playful language is perfectly paced at the right moments to align with the combination of the rising suspense of the approaching Foxy and the bunnies’ own brainstorming to devise a cunning plan to scare him away. The illustrations by Naomi Greaves are shrewd and sharp, just like the fox, giving us ‘tastes’ of close-ups and more subtle details that elude to the nearing, sneaky scoundrel. The bright, bold and adorable characters, along with her deep, warming colour palette of burgundy and navy with pops of gold elicit a sense of comfort and friendliness; certainly not too frightening for young children.

Go Away, Foxy Foxy is a delicious package of gorgeousness wrapped up in a clever, reassuring and creative tale of working as a team, bursting with humour, suspense and playfulness that will delight children from age four and up. As charming as a fox!

Review by Romi Sharp.

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