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Imagine Our Special Place, Kelly Louise Jarris (author), Sandunika Dissanayake (illus.), InHouse Publishing, July 2022.


Sophie is unwell and has to go to the hospital a lot. This enchanting story is about two sisters that go on a magical journey. It touches on celebrating life and all its precious moments. Imagine being able to bounce off white fluffy clouds, meet the Queen of all the Rainbows and sip tea from a golden cup made from the sun! Sophie has a beautiful imagination.


When your imagination takes you to a place of complete solace. A place of no bounds. Where sunshine and sparkles seep into your very core and only happiness can radiate through. This is a special place. This is a book that transcends with comfort, love and the cherishing of precious moments. Imagine Our Special Place is uplifting, peaceful and joyful all at the same time.

A young girl narrates the story of her older sister, Sophie, and the journey they take together from the hospital bed into the clouds. Stemming from a place of loss for her own late sister, author Kelly Louise Jarris brings beauty and reassurance with her lyrical language through the characters’ imaginative adventure. From riding colourful rainbows to bathing in glitter and gold, to a cheerful place for giggles and fun-filled games of bursting stars and sprinkles, and delicious fairy bread, dining with fairies and golden, sunny cups of tea. Rather than a tale of sadness, this picture book gives ‘hope’ a place in readers’ hearts. The metaphorical bunny that appears throughout the pages is a reminder that through adversity, challenges and the ultimate form of grief, there is always light, life and hope at the end of the rainbow. Combined with the soft, colourful, friendly and merry pastel-hued illustrations by Sandunika Dissanyake, the creators have enlightened with this special gift of a beautiful piece of imagination.

Shining a light on the ways we can navigate loss and other significant life events, Imagine Our Special Place is an engaging, soothing adventure to a place of bliss that will help readers from age three through any difficult moments, as well as reminding them of those precious moments to treasure.

Wonderful Wishes, Kelly Louise Jarris (author), Rosy Sale (illus.), InHouse Publishing, June 2022.


From rubber cars to cake eating dinosaurs, this delightful tale is a story of imagination that will entertain young audiences.


Wonderful Wishes is an utterly delightful tale for early years audiences that mixes the ultimate in whimsical wishes and playful imaginative adventures with a comforting bedtime read.

Written in a lilting rhythm reminiscent of a night-time lullaby, author Kelly Louise Jarris entrances with a series of charming ‘wishes’ that her young narrator chooses to encounter – in his striped pyjamas, nonetheless! What a way to drift off to sleep with fantastical dreams running through young minds! From riding trains to dinosaur-chefs, taking a kite to the moon and orchestrating musical fish from the tail of a whale, flying to the land of fairies and monkey-splashing (and flying) adventures around the world. Bright and lively illustrations by Rosy Sale radiate from the pages in bold primary colours, painted with texture and vivacity to enliven all the senses.

Wonderful Wishes is just as wonderful as it sounds and makes for an empowering, imaginative story for bedtime, or really, anytime!

Reviews by Romi Sharp.

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