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Joy’s Journey, Jacinta Farragher (author), Manka Kasha (illus.), Little Steps Publishing, March 2022.


When she hears about a magical paradise where wishes come true, Joy sets off to find it.

She travels over land and sea, to see what she can see.

She becomes a bold adventurer, to be what she can be…

Join Joy as she travels through four seasons, meets friends, and ultimately discovers that the joy is in the journey, and the most precious thing you can find is yourself!


An empowering and uplifting picture book story of finding the joy in the world around us, but also in finding the happiness and drive that exists in one’s own soul. Joy’s Journey evocatively delivers both the literal and figurative meanings of ‘adventure’ and ‘discovery’ as a little girl travels to real and magical places in order to find ‘herself’.  

Via the exploration of nature and mother’s earth; from across the land to under the sea, from gloomy caves to light-dappled forests, pretty waterfalls, snow-speckled mountains, lush valleys and blooming, humming fields – through the rapid changing of seasons and friendly encounters with some beautiful creatures – our intrepid traveller, Joy, comes full circle to the discovery of what ultimately lies within herself. Joy’s most desired wishes and dreams, the biggest of magic and imagination, has all come true.

Author Jacinta Farragher delights with her beautiful lyrical verse in rhyming couplets; allowing for a captivating reading experience, tied with the beauty of Manka Kasha’s exquisite watercolour and line illustrations. The inquisitive, caring, bold, expressive and adventurous Joy is perfectly captured amongst the serenity and atmospheric scenery – her bright, rainbow-coloured clothing popping from the fluid trees, mountains, seas and skies like a joyous celebration of nature’s best wonders.

With the passing of seasons and a pelican, deer, goat and butterfly to guide and challenge her on her journey to find a ‘teacher’ in a magical paradise, Joy learns skills, discovers talents and realises what it truly means to be ‘strong and kind and wise’. This sentiment a lesson for us all, as Jacinta relays: ‘The joy is in the journey, and you are the orchestrator of your own life’.

Joy’s Journey is a visually, aurally and metaphorically intriguing story of self discovery and gratitude with an ability to capture the hearts, minds and souls of readers of all ages. Recommended for adventurers of the outside world and the one within. What a treasure!

Review by Romi Sharp.

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