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Kisses in Your Heart, Sonia Bestulic (author), Nancy Bevington (illus.), Big Sky Publishing, June 2019.


A bright, beautiful and empowering story to inspire little people to use the strength of love within.

I close my eyes, and always know, Mum’s kisses follow where I go.

A tender and simple bedtime blessing carries all Mum’s heartfelt love inside.

Her kisses rest in the heart – always there to help heal hurts, overcomes fears and unlock inner courage.

A beautiful and bright story for bedtime and beyond.



I’m pronouncing this book, ‘a timeless tale – perfect for mums with young kids, older kids or grandkids’. Its wide appeal suited to the generations for its ability to create and reminisce on memories, tighten bonds and provide a level of comfort and strength that children can carry with them anywhere, and always.

Quoted: ‘A beautiful and bright story for bedtime and beyond’ – wholly reflects author Sonia Bestulic’s intention for her new picture book, Kisses in Your Heart – with her gentle rhythmic verse and loving sentiments that literally stick in your heart beyond the reading experience. Mums and their little ones around the world will be able to relate to the loving bedtime routine and their cute quirks / rituals that only they share. With my daughters, a kiss is blown, caught and rubbed all over our faces and tummies to last until the morning. Sonia’s special blessing includes a kiss gently placed in her children’s hearts, which rests there always and helps to heal hurts, face fears and worries, and strengthen an inner courage. This is the premise for this gorgeous story, and it couldn’t be more effective in warming both the heart and soul of any reader, young and old. With the love carried inside, the little girl in the book shows us the glow, the pride, the sparkle smile that powers her wherever she goes in whatever manner of situation. Bestulic’s expertise in language and family therapy certainly gives her the understanding of a child’s complex emotions, and her sensitive and layered narrative clearly emanates this with the complete reassurance that readers can take away with them.

Illustrator, Nancy Bevington, carries her heart on her sleeve too, so to speak, with illustrations that display such warmth, tenderness and emotion ranging from uplifting joy to a space of darkness and back again. Her watercolour softness is embracing and empowering, charming and calming.

Kisses in Your Heart quite literally shines as bright as the love burning in the little girl’s heart. A powerful tale of family love, courage, resilience and emotional support, highly recommended for any home, school or professional setting for children from age four.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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  • Norah

    I love the premise of this book, and it looks beautiful too.

    • Just Write For Kids

      It’s just gorgeous! A must! 🙂


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