#Bookreview: Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma!, Sharon Giltrow (author), Dhwani Gosalia (illus.), Dixi Books, September 2023.


Taking Grandma shopping can be tricky! She will dawdle to the bus, ask to push the trolley and plead for chocolate. But with cuddles, a few deep breaths and a piggy back ride, you and your grandma will get the shopping done!

Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma! is an essential guide for anyone who has ever had to take a grown-up shopping.


Following the joys of Bedtime, Daddy! and Get Ready, Mama!, funny and passionate author, Sharon Giltrow, brings the third in this hilarious picture book series; Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma! Children of all ages, and their grown-ups, will adoringly guffaw at the shopping antics of this dawdling and persistent grandma.

‘An essential guide’ it is – this informative narrative, told in the voice of the young granddaughter, instructs her audience (us) on how to handle a stubborn grandmother when it’s time to go to the shops. Upon missing the first bus (because Grandma likes to take her time), this ever-so-patient little girl makes the adventure fun, despite what could be considered an unbearably tiresome trip in actual reality! And despite Grandma’s tantrums, pleads for sweet treats, and messes in the supermarket isles, it is ‘essential’ to stay strong and firm, but reassuring and comforting, because you will successfully get the shopping done. Even if it takes a piggyback ride to get back home again.

This humorous role-reversal tale is also just as sweet as the chocolates Grandma’s pleading for. Dhwani Gosalia has perfectly portrayed the mix of playfulness, exuberance and tenderness in her illustrations. The crayon-quality media in primary colours of blues, reds and yellows and highly expressive characters provide that ‘essential’ warmth and adoring relationship between Grandma and her young granddaughter. So much joy, innocence and care exude from the pages, especially during those ‘highly challenging’ and emotive moments!

Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma! – as funny and unrealistic as it may seem (although I’m sure there are plenty of children more responsible than their adults) – takes a very real consideration of ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’, including themes of empathy and compassion, tolerance and understanding, as well as opening up discussions about needs versus wants, time management and spending habits! As a bonus, this book also makes for a wonderful gateway to literacy, maths, and health learning and developing interpersonal and communication skills.

Readers will be packing their bags and filling their trolleys with excitement to grab their copy of Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma! at all good bookstores today!

Review by Romi Sharp.

Don’t forget National Grandparents Day on October 29!

Why not celebrate with a good book, like Let’s Go Shopping, Grandma!, or take your grandparent out on a special adventure!

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