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#BookReview: Little People Big Emotions, Kylie Mort (author), Tiina Morton (illus.), Serenity Press, October 2022.


Sometimes my mind is a curious butterfly that flits from one idea to the next…a playful puppy that can’t concentrate…a busy blender that mixes things up…a mean monster that makes me feel bad. That’s OK because my parents and teachers know how to help me deal with all the emotions that feel so BIG. I can learn what to do when my mind is a mean monster…a busy blender…a playful puppy…and a curious butterfly…and I smile, knowing I am safe, and loved, and special. Focused on building resilience, self-worth and positive mental health in our young people, this is a beautifully inspiring parenting resource written by an internationally best-selling author qualified in Education, NLP, Performance Coaching and Psychology.


A safe, special and important picture book for all children, because they absolutely and completely deserve to feel positive, to feel happy, and to feel loved. Little People Big Emotions is a beautiful treasure with the potential to change young lives.

The mental health of our younger generation is ever so important in today’s social-emotional climate, and a valuable book like this comes in a timely manner. Award-winning author, educator, entrepreneur and psychology student, Kylie Mort, brings her knowledge and expertise in the field of children’s wellbeing combined with her love and talent of the art of writing, to gift the world with her uplifting and empowering story about managing big emotions.

Written in a lyrical prose from the perspective of the child, young readers are able to relate with the symbolism of the beautiful, flitting and fluttering butterfly, the playful puppy, the busy blender and the mean monster that sometimes take over in their minds. The intensity of the ‘big emotions’ greatens, but the sensitivity of the narration never faulters, keeping a calming and reassuring tone because those difficult emotions are actually okay. The use of literary devices, including metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia and emotive verbs, blended together with the soft and playful nature of the illustrations combine for a highly engaging read with more to ponder and discuss. Tiina Morton’s muted, colourful hues are beautifully gentle, but capture some of those vigorous energies that children experience from time to time. The mean monster is perfect – horribly cute with intense white eyes and curly orange horns!

Providing both children and parents / educators with meaningful, practical tools and active listening strategies to help with practicing resilience, mindfulness, concentration and balance are not only weaved throughout the narrative, but also given as useful hints and discussion notes at the end of the book. Further resources can be found via a QR code, too.

Little People Big Emotions is BIG on heart, beauty and encouragement for all little people (and their grown ups); a valuable, inspiring and profound resource aimed at facilitating positive mental health and emotional intelligence in a gentle, playful and loving manner. Every home, school and educational setting deserves this much-needed book, for all children should feel safe, special, important and loved. Highly recommended.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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LITTLE PEOPLE BIG EMOTIONS is available for purchase through: Serenity Press | Amazon | Local and independent book stores.



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