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Marlow Brown #2: Magician in the Making, Kesta Fleming (author), Marjory Gardner (illus.), Celapene Press, July 2021.


Marlow Brown dreams of becoming a top-class magician, but she has two problems: her special talent for creating chaos, and the fact that Dad won’t stop laughing…

How can she show them, once and for all, what a serious and spectacular magician she really is?


Being serious about something as fun as magic doesn’t get much more spectacularly hilarious than a little girl struggling to escape from a straitjacket! Cracking jokes and chicken impersonations are just the beginning of the excitement to be discovered with laugh-out-loud moments at every turn of the page – just ask Marlow’s dad!

Marlow Brown; Magician in the Making is the second instalment in this superbly enchanting series, following Scientist in the Making – another fun tale of ginormous vegetables – perfect for curious junior to middle grade readers. Marlow is a tenacious, never-give-up-and-always-follow-your-dreams kind of girl, and we just love the way she handles herself and some pretty serious mishaps during her magician-inspired pursuits. I think we could all take a leaf from her book, or a wand from her hat, or something like that!

After meeting the honourable illusionist, Mervin the Magical, at the showground, Marlow immediately sparks with determination to become one herself, and appoints her trusty companion, Rockstar the dog, to be her assistant. It all starts with ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Magic’, a bit of planning, and a lot of practice, before Marlow can claim the title of ‘magician’. But it’s not without creating plenty of chaos along the way. With a series of interweaved, handy instructional notes for a hat-full of fabulous tricks (that readers can try themselves), expressive and lively black and white illustrations by Marjory Gardner throughout, and the most epic illusion-fails (some of which may involve accidentally hypnotising a teacher!), this book most certainly entertains like a spectacular, high-energy show unfolding before your eyes. As it turns out, resilience and quick-thinking in the face of adversity is an impressive quality, and Marlow’s performance in this story absolutely wins everyone over, including us.

Kesta Fleming has penned her narrative with a rollicking force that keeps her readers in a forward-spinning motion from top to tail. The voice is child-friendly and amusing, all the while incorporating compelling descriptive language and new concepts that children from age seven will be intrigued to discover themselves. And even more magic fun is revealed on Kesta Fleming’s website!

Marlow Brown; Magician in the Making is fun, refreshing and enchanting – so much so it will keep its audience hypnotised and mesmerised, inspired and empowered. Literacy, science and mathematics in the classroom doesn’t get more exciting than with the power of magic!

Review by Romi Sharp.

We are thrilled to celebrate the release of Marlow Brown #2; Magician in the Making, following its first title, Scientist in the Making, with illustrations by Marjory Gardner, published by Celapene Press.

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