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Max Booth Future Sleuth #5; Chip Blip, Cameron Macintosh (author), Dave Atze (illus.), Big Sky Publishing, July 2020.




Max and his robo-dog, Oscar, are baffled by the discovery of a tiny device that looks like a grain of rice. They soon figure out what it is – an ID chip that should have been implanted into a very special dog … 400 years ago!

The chip leads Max and Oscar to another long-lost treasure … but they aren’t the only folks in the hunt for it. If Max and Oscar aren’t careful, they could be hounded off the treasure trail for good!


Coming across a tiny grain of glass with a computer chip inside is all it takes for future sleuths, Max Booth and sidekick robo-dog, Oscar Beaglebot, to get excited about their next assignment. Who knows what sort of bother this microscopic electro-rice will lead them into?

It turns out to be some sort of ‘Chip Blip’ – taking its junior to middle grade readers on an electrifying adventure into the fictional future of the 25th Century. With a cosmic amount of speculation about the tiny object from today’s world; it’s discovered to be an ID microchip meant to have belonged to a famous space travelling dog named Sandy. But author, Cameron Macintosh, doesn’t just apply a straight-edged narrative with a single plot. No. In likeness with the previous four books in this fun-tastic series, Macintosh relishes his storyline with a few ‘blips’ and twists along the way like an unhinged robo-dog darting after a scuttling robo-rat on a rooftop! His playful and witty language keeps the audience entertained as cunning plans are devised, and gripping escapes from blubbering nemeses are (just barely) managed, all the while weaving in the goodness of friendship and the value of kindness to animals.

Supporting this fun and comical escapade into the hunt for Sandy’s multi-billion-dollar ‘Cosmic Collar’, now trailed by Harvey Higgle, Chief Pet Inspector for Bluggsville City, and the reoccurring Captain Selby from the Unclaimed Urchins Recapture Squad, are the energetic, affable black and white illustrations by Dave Atze. The combination of Macintosh’s light-hearted tone, manageable chapters, and Atze’s acutely amusing cartoons work together seamlessly, meaning that young, independent readers will never miss a beat but at the same time will enjoy the challenge of this mind-bending, changing technological reality versus the imagination of its sci-fi world.

The Max Booth Future Sleuth series is one of those that hooks you from the first title you pick up. The beauty of these is their suitability to any age from seven years old, and their continuity between titles without compromising a great read if you only start now. Max Booth; Chip Blip delights and surprises with characters of great sleuthing skill that you’ll love, and those you’ll love to hate. We can’t wait to entrap ourselves with the sixth, and final, book with more ingenuity, teamwork and humour it’s sure to possess! Highly recommended.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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