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One to Ten and Back Again #1: Ten Naughty Numbats, Grace Nolan (author), Nancy Bevington (illus.), Big Sky Publishing, February 2021.

Blurb (from the publisher’s website):

About the Series
Fun and learning go together in this beautifully presented counting series One to Ten and Back Again. Packed with imaginative rhyming text and expressive illustrations full of life and humour to captivate the youngest of readers. Children will learn to count while learning the names of 30 different Australian animals! Books two and three provide a simple introduction to addition and subtraction from birth to age seven. The simple reinforcement activities included at the end of each book add to the fun!

Book 1 – Ten Naughty Numbats: Counting to ten is exciting and fun with ten naughty numbats and their Aussie friends. The entertaining rhyming text and delightful illustrations introduce readers to the amazing world of number.

Let’s start to count from number one, and name the animals just for fun!

Learn to count to ten with the naughty numbats and their delightful bush friends!



Playfulness and learning are seamlessly combined in the new, animated counting series, One to Ten and Back Again. These books are such a joy for their early years audience with their inclusions of number fun, interactivity and the sweetest Australian animals (and there are 30 different species across the three books!). Author Grace Nolan introduces the concept of counting to ten with the first title, Ten Naughty Numbats, and the sequential titles with adding to ten in Ten Bush Babies (#2), and subtracting from ten in Ten Lively Lorikeets (#3).

There’s so much to love about these picture books!

Each title has been carefully designed to allow young readers to navigate their way across the double page spreads, clearly marking the numerical reference in a predictable placing set alongside the colourful pictorial reference. Grace’s text is imaginative and exuberant, reinforcing the distinct animal names and numbers in words, as well as captivating with literary devices such as rhyme and alliteration. Equally, Nancy Bevington has enriched the text with her charming illustrations of these playful (and cheeky) creatures. An Aussie bushland adventure abounds with lively fauna entertaining us with humour, action and energy in beautifully gentle soft watercolours and earthy tones. Two cute koalas in trees are shown dreaming of a gum leaf burger and ice cream, six blue kingfishers are discovering sights through binoculars, and eight graceful black swans with crowns and floaties on the sea are just some of the gorgeous, whimsical scenes that will delight their readers.

The sequence of counting, as in Ten Naughty Numbats, is reinforced with interactive activities to finish the literacy / numeracy experience, again with Grace’s joyful rhyme – a clever factor to include considering the educational perspective. And to be rewarded, after counting all the way from one to ten, with wobbly worm jam and witchetty grub ice cream is a real treat!

One to Ten and Back Again: Ten Naughty Numbats is a simple, eye-catching and engaging visual and learning experience bouncing, gliding and leaping with joy and the introduction to, or familiarity of, Australian wildlife and mathematical concepts. A must-have collection for children from birth to age seven.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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