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Fossil Frenzy; The Adamson Adventures 3, Sandra Bennett (author), Rosella Ridge Books, November 2020.


In the drought-stricken present, the only hope is buried in the past.

Devastated by the effects of the drought on the family farm, rock collector and all-round science buff, Zac, has a plan. Along with his squabbling siblings, animal loving, Clare and trouble making, Luke, the trio head off in search of dinosaur fossils. Not heeding weather warnings, they must seek shelter fast when two cyclones merge to descend upon the landscape. After the storm, the environment is strangely different.

A lush rainforest canopy now shelters them. A massive lake now fills the open plains. The homestead is nowhere in sight. Zac can’t reach Uncle Tom on his walkie-talkie and what’s worse, there’s a pile of ginormous poo that no cow could possibly have been left behind.

Join the trio in their third adventure. Will they find the proof they need to save the farm or have they discovered much more than they ever thought possible?


In this absolutely nail-biting, whirlwind of an adventure, it’s like Narnia meets Jurassic Park when the Adamson trio, and their dog Grommet, enter a new yet beautifully mystique land set in the past… as far back as the late Cretaceous period… with dinosaurs!

Author, Sandra Bennett has hit the nail (or can of beans!) on the head with this gripping middle-grade story – the third in her exciting series. Dusted with humour, claw-gripping suspense and dino-fact learning opportunities in spades, Fossil Frenzy is a book that will keep readers on their toes – both escaping terrifying jaws and running towards cave entrances for sanction!

Each of Sandra’s sibling characters have their own unique personalities, interests and strengths (and flaws) that make them relatable and admirable. Zac, the science / dinosaur expert, who also happens to be the narrator, speaks his voice and perspective in an entertaining and informative manner. The relationships with his siblings, Clare and Luke, sound uncannily familiar, and humorous, and loving all at the same time. And if you didn’t know a lot about dinosaurs before, Zac has it covered and inspires us to find out even more about this fascinating period of Australian Cretaceous history. I was especially intrigued by the Demon Duck of Doom and giant echidna, Spike. Friends or foes? Read to find out!

But, at the heart of this book is family, loyalty, teamwork and heroism – where helping to save their Uncle Tom’s farm from drought and financial collapse is at the forefront of their mission. Furthermore, inspiring child-age protagonists to act with such care, thoughtfulness and initiative is empowering in itself for our younger generation to be advocates and pro-active with such issues as climate and environmental changes, even if on a small, personal scale.

Following The Adamson Adventures #1; Secrets Hidden Below and #2; A Lighthouse in Time, Fossil Frenzy is most definitely accessible to read without prior knowledge, but more beneficial to read in sequence for the world and character-building experience. The word length for middle-grade readers is perfect – short and snappy like a young Qantassaurus, although the taste of this meaty adventure certainly left me hungry for more.

A fun and suspenseful time-slip adventure blending lush with sparse, and big teeth with big heart. The Adamson Adventures is a roarsome series that kids will devour in a frenzy!

Review by Romi Sharp



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6 thoughts to “#BookReview: The Adamson Adventures Fossil Frenzy by Sandra Bennett

  • Norah

    Who doesn’t love dinosaur stories? This one’s bound to be a winner!

    • Just Write For Kids

      Absolutely! 🙂

    • sandrabennettchildren's author

      Thanks Norah, I’m loving all the amazing feedback I am receiving.

      • Norah

        That’s great, Sandra. It must make your heart sing.

  • sandrabennettchildren's author

    Thank you so much Romi for this amazing review. You humble me with your generous words. I feel so blessed that you enjoyed my story so much that you would write such a glorious review.

    • Just Write For Kids

      It’s an absolute pleasure and honour! I meant every word! 🙂


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