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The Glint of Gold, Kate McGann (author), Patricia Ward (illus.), Little Pink Dog Books, October 2021.


It’s there every day if you look for it.

The glint of gold.

Through a child’s wisdom, the golden moments of each day are discovered.

A touching story of mindfulness, gratitude and hope.


Author Kate McGann’s lyrical prose and illustrator Patricia Ward’s mesmerising images interweave spectacularly to glimmer and shine from the pages in their new picture book, The Glint of Gold. This book encompasses the embodiment of mindful and soulful nourishment, that we can simply find in the beauty of nature, in the act of kindness, and the appreciation of those loved ones around us.

Through petals floating in the sky, to sparkles balancing on frosty webs, and colours made from the spreading sun going down, a young child finds golden moments that are not only seen, but ‘heard… smelled… touched’ as well. From her perspective, the little girl shows us how all the senses can be utilised through serene, joyous and silent moments – from finding the glint of gold in listening to loud family singing, in the smell of summer rain, and in unexpected moments where a smile might appear without knowing it would. Evocative language and exquisitely detailed watercolour and line illustrations elicit a visceral reading experience about the power of stillness, memory, family, overcoming challenges, and giving back to others. This beautifully colourful collection of mindful ideas is the perfect treasure trove of gold to empower its readers to find their own in the big, small, and unexpected, moments every day.

The Glint of Gold is a sparkling joy that will help children from age four to stop, slow down, and breathe – to discover their own specks of gold in their everyday lives, and also to create them when perhaps someone else’s shine may have faded. This book has the power to reassure and rejuvenate, but also enlighten with a spark in hearts and minds. Highly recommended.

Review by Romi Sharp.      

Kate’s debut picture book The Glint of Gold is illustrated by Patricia Ward and published by Little Pink Dog Books.

Visit Kate at her website www.katemcgann.com)


THe Glint of Gold is available for purchase through: Little Pink Dog Books | Booktopia

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6 thoughts to “#BookReview: The Glint of Gold by Kate McGann and Patricia Ward

  • Norah

    This book is everything you say it is. A true delight.

    • Just Write For Kids

      It’s stunning!

    • Kate McGann

      Thank you, Norah!

      • Norah

        It is gorgous, Kate. You must be so proud of it.

        • Kate McGann

          Thank you so much, Norah. I’m so deeply grateful that people are feeling touched by it. Your deeply considered recommendation and Elise’s mean a great deal to me. Thank you!


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