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How to Make a Paper Roll Lifeguard Fiona on a Surfboard…that floats!

What do you know about the role of lifeguards? What kind of person can be a lifeguard? What kind of rescues do you think they can do? What uniform might they wear? What kinds of equipment / clothing do they need for their job? What is a rip? Do you know how to stay away from rips? What can you do if you’re stuck in one? How else can you stay safe at the beach? Can females be just as ‘brave and strong’ as males, in any job? Learn all about lifeguards and then make your own. She can even float on the water!


(For lifeguard):

Two shades of blue coloured paper

Toilet / Paper roll

Coloured pens

Sticky tape (or glue)


Materials (for surfboard):

Polystyrene (we used a pizza base)

White paper or template of a surfboard shape

Coloured pens or markers (permanent)



Directions (for lifeguard):

1. Cut a strip of the dark blue paper to fit around the bottom of the paper roll. Leave a small gap to draw legs. Attach.

2. Cut a strip of the light blue paper to fit around the middle section, slightly overlapping the dark blue as you attach.

3. Cut out a long oval shape from the dark blue paper, ensuring that it is the same diameter as the paper roll end. This will be the hat. Attach to the top with the peak shading the face.

4. Using pens, draw details on your lifeguard, including hair, face, arms, legs, and ‘LIFEGUARD’ written on the shirt.

5. She’s ready to play!

Directions (for surfboard):

1. Draw or print a template of a surfboard shape. Cut out.

2. Use the template to trace onto the polystyrene. Cut out.

3. Decorate your surfboard any way you like! Note: for use in water ensure markers are permanent.

4. Stick your lifeguard onto your surfboard and watch her ride the waves! Note: paper roll lifeguard may not be durable if wet!



1. Set up a sensory / role play beach scene with sand, blue paper water and flags. Act out some dangerous rescue scenes from the story!

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